Sun Room upgrade

Thursday, February 24, 2011

After receiving a blog suggestion from my favorite soul -uplifting friend, Stephanie Morem - and then creepily stalking the entire blog...I persuaded Brandon to renovate our Sun Room.  For some serious blog loving and house updating inspiration - visit here. (but don't say I didn't warn took a total of about 15 minutes of looking at their blog until I woke Brandon up on a Saturday morning and said, I've got an idea, but we're going to have to go to Lowes, like get up...because I'm excited)

We were just not taking advantage of having such a great room - it was basically Bullet's bridge to the outside and other than that - we never used it.  This is what the sun room looked like...

If you can see it - Bullet chewed a hole in the drywall between the two sliding doors (far left bottom).  He's actually sniffing the hole in this pictures because he's a demon.

I'd also like to point out the teeny, skinny wood trim that is framing the brick walls (see first picture too).

We checked to see what was under the gross, boring, stained carpet - turned out there was concrete...So first, we pulled up the carpet and left it for the garbage man.

Then we pulled off all the trim.  Okay, Brandon did then he took the nails out (he's a great husband) and sent me to the garage to sand them.  Okay, not that great.  hah, just kidding.  After the trim was sanded, he painted them White Drop (which is white with a tiny splash of gray).

The Brandon went on a serious caulking frenzy.  He's really good with caulk.  He doesn't love caulking, but he's good at it.  I am not good at caulking.  I am also have very immature humor.Since we weren't going to be putting up the baby tiny wood trim on the brick - Bud caulked all the cracks (aaaaahhahhaha, i'm such a middle schooler) so that it would stop cold air from sneaking in and just look nice. 

Once the room was sufficiently caulked (okay, I'm done), we gave the room a fresh coat of paint (in the same color it was already painted).  No pictures of this stage since we were both elbow deep in paint supplies. 

Then, I got to seriously cleaning the floor because you should never, ever, ever paint a dirty floor.  I picked Western Brown (which is brown with a splash of red in it...I'm all about the splashes) for the floor based off what I thought would look good on a floor (brown) but would also bring out the specks of pink/red in the brick. 

When the floor dried, Bud put all the trim back up...not after purchasing a air compressing nail gun (which he's now obsessed with) and did a few touch ups.

Then we hung the curtain rods and curtains.

Then we accessorized with the same furniture but a new carpet.


The total renovation was cheap and mostly easy (granted, I do have a very handy husband).
  • Accessories:  Already owned/free!
  • Paint:  $40
  • Paint supplies (new roller & masking tape):  $13
  • Curtain rods:  $160
  • 4 curtains panels:  $20
  • Carpet:  $35
  • TOTAL Room Transformation:  $268


  1. Thanks for the shout-out, tab! I LOVE the sun room upgrade...awesome idea about painting the floor! I've always wanted to try it, but can't justify doing it in a rental. So, for now I get to live through you and all of your house projects...more please! :)

  2. Thanks for the blog suggestion! Best ever? Quite possibly. Miss you so much!! we will have some more house projects coming soon, actually:)