"Three things in human life are important: the first is to be kind; the second is to be kind; and the third is to be kind."
-Henry James

We started our 12 Months of Kindness project the year after we were married in 2008.  It has been such an uplifting experience but not to say there hasn't also been some struggles and frustration.  If nothing else, it is a monthly reminder to say thank you to others and thank you for this life that we are so lucky to have. Now, after many years of committing to a kindness task each month, it feels like it is fundamental to our family; part of who we are at our core.

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How our 12 months of Kindness got started: 
For a very long time I have been interested in using my talents and time to help and support others.  I know how lucky I was to be born into this great life.  As the lyric says, "...because I have been given much, I too must give."

Through my family's example and support growing up, I traveled with doctors & dentists to Honduras before I could drive...I volunteered at the hospital after school on days I wasn't working as a waitress; just because I knew they could use the help....and I joined multiple volunteer organizations while in college. 

After my husband, Brandon and I got married it felt kind of lonely realizing that we aren't at the age anymore where volunteer groups or opportunities abound...So we decided as a family that we would commit ourselves to 12 acts of kindness throughout the year to various organizations or causes.  It also has something to do with the fact that I can't just pick one thing that I care about...just about everyday I pick up a new cause that I want to from this our tradition of 12 months of Kindness was born.

We continue our 12 Months of Kindness project because we care about kindness, because we care about keeping empathy and understanding at the root of all of our reactions and interactions.  As a reminder that there is nothing more important than to be kind to others.  Especially to each other.
Past 12 month of Kindness schedules:
(first two years of 12 Months of Kindness have been lost)