thank you January

Thursday, January 31, 2019

thank you January for...

  • three days that were so cold that everything was cancelled and we had no obligations (or guilt!) to leave the house. just our family smooshed together in this messy chaotic house in cozy clothes and snuggled up. 
  • the validating interview with a college rep
  • a beautiful snowy day at Hidden Valley with Grey, my parents, sister and Kev
  • three great books to read
  • daydreaming about the future with B
  • peppermint tea in the afternoons
  • leggings layered under my dress pants every day for school
  • cutie oranges that the kids all love and that bring a jolt of vitamins to my lunch
  • playing scrabble on our bedroom floor with B (even though I lost, like usual)
  • changing plans and giving my Spanish 1 students the challenge of reading their first novel in their second language (they are doing awesome and I am so proud!)
  • the tea and mahogany candle in our bedroom
  • Rusty trying so hard with the 's' sound (he sucks in air to make it but he's so determined)
  • Violet so proud that she signed up for soccer and telling everyone
  • Gemma so eager to learn about how to keep the basketball stats at Grey's games #likemomlikedaugher
  • the multilayers of blankets and quilts we have on our bed that makes it so cozy its hard to get out of every morning
  • watching the whole series of YOU with B on Netflix
  • playing 'just dance' on youtube on our tv with the kids to get our winter energy burned
You were blistering cold and dark and mostly gloomy January, but somehow just what I needed to hibernate and re-energize my soul for the new year. 
thank you January

Around Here 4: 01/20-26

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

A glimpse into what it is like to live in our home just this minute.

Intentional Outdoor Hours:  6+hours (of 1000)
I scored an awesome five hours on Saturday while snowboarding with Grey, my parents, my sis and Kevin at Hidden Valley. It was Grey's first time snowboarding for real and my first time in ten years (!) Grey did awesome though and really got the hang of it by the end of the evening. It was cold, about 20 degrees and colder, but it was beautiful with snowflakes falling down all day. It was a great day to be with just one kid making memories (he was very sweet and thanked me a bunch of times for coming and snowboarding with him) and also to spend the time with my parents (who at nearly 60 can still hit the slopes like champs!) and my sis and Kev. #bestday Other than that, the only thing that is gaining any outdoor hours is trips to the chicken coop to replace frozen water and pick up the eggs before they freeze. It has been brutal around here between the low temperatures and the rain/ice.

Reading and finishing Room by Emma Donoghue which I borrowed from a student (thank you Abi!) I also caught the movie on Netflix after I read it - which (as always) the movie was good but not even close the incredible story from the book.  I have a lot of feelings about the book and I'd love to talk about it and debrief if anyone else is interested (hah #booknerd so much). I started reading One Beautiful Dream by Jennifer Fulwiler which has been sitting on my shelf to read for months (maybe years) and I finally picked it up and it feels like exactly the right moment in my life to be reading it. I don't know that it would be effecting me so much in a positive way if I would have read it at a different moment in my life, but right this second - it feels like divine intervention (which is even more wild if you've read the book). Our books & brews book club also met up this week to (finally! missed you guys!) discuss our last two reads - The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas and Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine by Gail Honeyman which we all agreed that we loved both. Next up for our book club is Educated by Tara Westover

Caring for our cold weather chicken girls. We have been trying to figure out what it right for them with the heat lamp on in the coop to make sure they're okay but also not to 'baby' them up so that the cold is a potentially deadly shock to their systems. Who knew someone could spend so many minutes a day thinking about their chickens (hah). We've decided that 10 or below warrants the lamp on, which has meant that the lamp has been on for quite a few days actually. They are still laying eggs (we just gave away 4 dozen eggs this week to friends and family) but it is slower than the summer. We get about 7-8 a day (plus 1-2 frozen eggs that we didn't get to in time). The walk down to the chicken coop to switch out the frozen water is basically an icy obstacle course; thankfully Brandon has been the best chicken daddy and switches the water almost every day (xxo)

Interviewing with a college via an internet face-to-face. We are still trying to figure out how to wrap up this PA certification. I got all my paperwork in order and requested letters of recommendations (thank you Nikki! thank you Renee!) and sent transcripts of my undergrad and masters only to discover that I already have met (nearly) all the requirements - hahahhahha. I'm going to lose my mind by the end of this process. Maybe I still have to do a student teaching practicum (LOL -meanwhile I'm teaching full time for year2) but even that seems to be questionable. Onward I continue in this quest to get this all sorted out.

Stretching our limbs after our snowboarding adventure. Whew, we worked muscles we don't normally work and my shoulder was totally out of whack. hurts so good though.

Feeling very supported and loved with what has felt like all hands on deck for several weeks now. This week Gigi and Pappy had a sleepover with Grey and Gem for MLK Jr day while Miss Hannah spent the day at our house with the babies so they could all stay home from school while B and I trekked out into the negative temps for our Act80 day. Heather scooped up Grey for a Chuck E Cheese trip with Caleb one evening. My Dad and Mom each got the big kids off the bus two separate days this week and on their early out day later that week, the big kids got off the bus at cousin Taush and Ariel's house. To top it all off, Grey has had bleachers full of faces cheering for him all basketball season. There is no truer statement than; it takes a village. thank you from the bottom of our tired hearts to ours.

Basketball season'ing with only one game this week for B (but all the way out in Turkeyfoot) and two games for Grey, both with his Duke Andrews league - including a tie breaker for 1st and 2nd place heading into the playoffs (Grey's team won!) We are already also preparing for the spring sports season; signing the girls up for soccer and working on the youth baseball league sponsor letters to be mailed out before the end of the month.

Teaching & guiding Spanish 1 through their first novel (Capibara con Botas) - they read capítulos 1-4 and are really starting to see that they can understand on their own what is happening. I must do a post soon about how I have seen first hand the benefit to teaching comprehensible content...soon to come. Spanish 1 honors started into the expansion cultural piece of Somos Unit 5 which is learning about bullfights. It is an interesting topic and one that really gives them the constant reminder that just because something is different than how we do it doesn't mean its weird or bad. Another blogpost to come on how seriously I take my role as a foreign language teacher in a small town and what a responsibility it is to open the world wide for students...soon to come. Spanish 2 worked through a packet about numbers and math in Spanish. Spanish 2 Honors read Billy y Las Botas graphic novel (!!) We are using the Wooly techniques to go through and practice the content. I am hardly waiting for Wooly Week!! Spanish 3 Honors finished their fluency unit with los 3 cerditos and started El Acosador Unit from Martina Bex (imperfect past tense)

Making cinnamon rolls and bacon in the oven (yum, best kind) on Sunday when CCD was cancelled due to low temperatures. We had our weekly standard fridge clean out dinner, chicken cordon bleu pasta casserole, frozen pizzas, ground beef tacos, and Brandon made sundowners on Friday night (hamburgers with chili and a fried egg) and spaghetti on Saturday!

100 Small Things 2019

Sunday, January 27, 2019

I have felt off for a few months, sort of stuck in a rut and feeling kind of down about the state of things; the world, myself, mostly the weather (hah). Usually my 100 small things list creation sparks a small flame inside of me that gets me all antsy-pantsy about the upcoming year - but this year it took me several weeks to really consider my choices and ideas. I wanted my list to be ambitiously doable (is that even a thing?) I need this year to be about realistic and intentional steps I can make towards being the me I want to be.

this is such a wacky stage of our lives; our bigs kids digging into sports seasons but still strapping little ones in and out of car seats, our big kids are pretty independent but right there on the edge that we forget that they still need reminders to do things like brush their teeth and wash under their armpits (hah). Our little ones are still little enough to need us for lots of things, but big enough that we can probably stop babying them so much too. We are both working full time jobs while volunteering with our kids' activities and trying to keep the spark alive in this ten+ year (19+ years together) relationship. We spread ourselves so thin sometimes that we make ourselves unavailable to the people who love us the most (ie. family).

Gosh, life.
we're all trying to figure this out and my 100 small things list is my focused way to make sure that despite the wildness and beauty of this life; I remain pointed in the direction of my dreams. That I am still playing the 'long game' for the person I hope to be and the life I hope to be living when I'm an old lady sitting on my porch swing holding Brandon's wrinkled, calloused hands listening to our bajillion grandkids chasing chickens around our yard. (hey, we all got dreams).

so here she is - 2019 addition of 100 small things.

1. 1000 hours outside (or at least beat 2018 hours)
2. last will and testaments complete
3. cover concession stand duty for my kids' coaches...BE the kids' coaches
4. find a way to meaningfully thank the people who supported and prayed for us through Gigi's journey
5. direct deposit our church contributions
6. plant a garden and tend to it
7. update our family photos in the hallway staircase including a canvas print of Rusty & Violet
8. Live like the seasons and find a quote to match (winter, spring, summer, fall)

9. finalize certification plans and begin
10. read 20 new to me books; 4 of them in Spanish
11. diversify my book authors and track
12. clear out and organize the living room desk and filing cabinets
13. learn some piano alongside Gemma (techniques and youtube)
14. learn French through the duolingo app
15. watch Marie Kondo's Netlflix series

16. try one month of HIIT exercise
17. drink 2 water bottles a day at work
18. average 12,000 steps a day (at least 5/7 days a week)
19. donate blood at least 4 times
20. when getting down on myself, repeat mantra, "I am grateful for this capable body"
21. explore hiking trail near Incline Plane downtown
22. attend a yoga class taught by my friend/coworker before she moves this summer
23. buy and try dry shampoo
24. go a whole month of 'blue dots' on the WW app
25. NSV: wear engagement ring comfortably
extra: keto for 3 months

26. snowboard with Greyson
27. painting class with Violet
28. see a show/ballet with Gemma
29. see a movie with Rustman
30. take the kids to sell our eggs at the farmer's market
31. volunteer in Grey and Gem's classes
32. figure out ipad/screen time control/system
33. finish 2017-18 yearbook
34. start 2018-19 yearbook
35. fix bedtime routine with the kids
36. update photos in kids' baby books
37. add kids' birthstones to my mother's ring
extras: enroll girls in summer camp courses at CCCAC
make & grow a new family member (hah), finish 2018-19 family yearbook

38. nsfw
39. once a month babysitter secured date
40. go heavy on the blond highlights for summer
41. add lace to my jammie collection
42. commit to a no-phone-zone bed
43. watch a complete Netflix series together

44. grandmas & kids mini trip
45. email our family weekly with kids' schedules
46. clean and clear instagram feed to spark joy (from 700+ to under 300!)
47. plan a party
48. host a grandparents dinner at our house (have the kids help cook and plan)
49. scf monthly happy hour at our homes

50. update Amazon subscribe and save
51. put money aside for Christmas all year long
52. update budget ledger and discuss with B
53. switch bill pay duties to Brandon for the next 10 years
54. look into cable/DirectTV/other options and changes
55. switch garbage services
56. do a month of no spending
57. close out random money CD at old bank
58. find a path to pay off student loan by 2020
59. cancel subscription boxes for the girls

60. writing retreat with Loni
61. attend a Johnstown writer's club meet-up
62. write 100 blogposts
63. write at least 50 pages to my novel
64. write a short story
65. organize CCD lesson plans and put in a binder by grade
66. write a monthly gratitude post
extra: submit short story for publication

67. AKT playdate weekend at the halfway point
68. celebrate someone's birthday (trip!)
69. renew passports
70. get Rusty a passport
71. celebration trip to FL with Gigi and Pappy
72. Plan Disney 2020 trip
73. visit Erie, PA

74. fix living room curtain rod
75. clean stove
76. buy 2 kayaks
77. bookcase/built ins for the playroom
78. donate books and toys to the daycare
79. move family meals to the dining room table
80. roof a patio
81. choose beautiful flowers for our front porch planters
82. correct the clocks in the kids' rooms
83. write down and stash our family favorite recipes
84. go through kitchen cupboards and organize
85. buy a fiddle leaf fig plant for the living room
86. hang a fern (or other plant) in our bathroom
87. clear and purge our closet
88. clean out and organize the attic
89. order cornhole bags

90.. clear out and organize filing cabinets and closet
91. laminate word wall and hang with magnets
92. curriculum map for 2019-20
93. participate in Wooly Week 2019
94. post and create classroom signs (phrase starters, etc)
95. take Spanish club juniors and seniors to the Gateway clipper
96. host a taco truck day at school
97. take over Prom committee 2019-20
98. start Project Lit grou with Renee and Ashley (book club with students)
99. take Praxis Fundamental Knowledge test
100. have a co-founders meeting and make decisions about The Hunting Daddies

Around Here 3: 01/13-19

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

A glimpse into what it is like to live in our home just this minute.

Intentional Outdoor Hours: 1+ hours (of 1000)
Barely got any more time outside this week, but I'm not beating myself up over it. My sweet friend Ashley shared with me this quote that totally fits with how I've been feeling in this cold, dreary winter weather. (thank you!)

Reading and finishing The Storyteller by Jodi Picoult. I only had about 20 pages left and about 300 steps shy of 12,000 on Thursday night, so I did a few laps around our dining room table while finishing the last little bit of the book (two birds with one stone is my favorite). I enjoyed the book a lot - as usual with Picoult as the author. Not my favorite of hers, but very interesting and an important read about WWII. I thought I sort of knew where the ending was headed, and I ended up guessing correctly, but then I wasn't overly pleased with being right (hah). I started reading Room by Emma Donoghue which is a borrowed copy from one of my students (thank you Abi!) So, so good.

"Getting my blood out" (that's what my children call it) at our Student Council blood drive on Friday.

Playdating twice this week. Gemma had a friend get off the bus at our house after school one night. Gem and Ava played dress up and hoverboards and even helped make dinner. Grey took the bus to his friend's house after school one night and they jammed out because they've made a two man band (hah). Halen on guitar and Grey on drums (bless you Angie for enduring those jam sessions!)

Visiting Mimi for brunch between Grey's basketball games and getting Violet's cheetah, Speedy, stitched up after he had a little tear in him. She had a 'bandaid' on him all week until she could get Dr. Mimi to give him stitches. I also got to see Mimi's first monthly newsletter and I loved it. We got her a year long subscription with Neveo which is an app that Mimi's grandkids have on our phones and we upload pictures of the kids all month long and then Neveo creates a polished little newsletter style to send to her. Since she doesn't have any social media, she missed out on most of our Instagram and Facebook posts, so this is Mimi's own printed out, fancy version of a newsfeed! She loved it and has it in a special folder on her dining room table for safekeeping.

Hunkering down for the huge winter storm that (was supposed to) hit this weekend. We did get quite a bit of wind and freezing rain, a little bit of snow too. But all in all it wasn't as bad as it seemed it was going to be. (thank you plowtruck drivers). It was such a relief though to drop any responsibility for leaving the house. Gosh, it was total bliss to not have to feel guilty about not going anywhere! We got some chores done, watched a bunch of movies with the kids, played around and goofed off as a family, and mostly did nothing but stay cooped up in the house. It was heavenly and so much needed!

Laughing until my belly hurt about Violet asking Brandon to play 'Applejack' which is basically him being a horse and her riding on his back. He played and played with her and then finally was like, "okay, Vi, I need a break" and she just leaned down over his shoulder and held out her hand near his mouth like it was full of oats and said, "Just eat this Applejack and you'll be good again"

Basketball season'ing a ton this week. B had three games with his varsity team - one of which I made it to because it was at my school! I cheered for both teams because I have the hots for the coach and my students play for the other team (hah). Grey had three games this week too, including his first game with his CT team at the Y. Gemma is very interested in learning how to keep 'the book' and I'm planning on digging up some of Brandon's old stats books from previous years to give her some practice on the blank pages (she'd love that! and it's a useful skill to have - I volunteer occasionally to keep the book at Grey's games all these years later)

Teaching pre-Capibara con Botas unit about Ecuador and animals with my Spanish 1 students. Spanish 1 Honors students are working their way through Somos Unit 5 which included a class story that went on forever and ever until my entire #oldschoolchalkboard was filled up and the kids were still saying "más!" Spanish 2 practiced their er-verbs while Spanish 2 Honors fell in love with Selena's El Chico del apartmento 512 song and learned about piropos. Spanish 3 Honors finished reading Los 3 Cerditos and had a little fluency reading. Our school also was trained on the new PA wide system Safe 2 Say Something program which empowers kids to anonymously report situations that they think are dangerous or concerning. And it was the end of the 2nd marking period which meant I had lots of LMA (Leave Me Alone) passes rolling in for bonus points to add to their final grade.

Making banana blueberry muffins and egg & spinach 'muffins'. We also had chicken and gravy over mashed potatoes, a deer roast in the crockpot, and delicious veggie chowder soup with four ingredient beer bread. Gem helped me whip up some pork chop & stuffing casserole and cake box mix chocolate chip cookies to deliver to our cousin Heather. I am currently loving hot tea in the afternoon daily to warm up my afternoon and give me a little boast of joy.

Around Here 2: 01/06-01/12

Thursday, January 17, 2019

A look into what it is like to live in our home just this minute.

Intentional Outdoor Hours:  1+ hour (of 1000)
We got one afternoon of 50 degree weather and some sunshine that was total bliss. The big kids and I got outside until it got dark and the (literal) thunderstorm clouds rolled in. Other than that, my outdoor hours seem to be accumulating only from our cold weather chicken duties of switching out the water and collecting eggs. My poor girls, they must be so bored all day coop'ed up (hah chicken puns), I wish I could speak hen and tell them spring does return after all this cold and wet.

Reading The Storyteller by Jodi Picoult. I also started reading some new Spanish learning novels to share with my students (Clase de confesiones, La bella mentira, y La perezosa impaciente) that arrived this week from my classroom fairy godmother, Ashley. You are so sweet and considerate (she included boxes of tissues too for a healthy start to the new year!) I just can't even believe I am blessed enough to have someone who constantly cheers me on in the classroom. gracias, gracias, muchisimo gracias.

Celebrating Orthodox Christmas at lunch at Gigi and Pappy's house and then with our traditional sleepout under the Christmas tree. This year, we took all the rest of the Christmas decorations down (including all the ornaments!) but the kids were happy to sleep under our 'naked' tree (lol). Orthodox Santa came and brought one gift for the girls to share and one for the boys to share. For the record - as of January 12th, our 'naked' Christmas tree is STILL UP. #lawdhelpme

So proud and inspired by my cousin Heather who is always the kindest and most thoughtful person I know, but this week gave birth to a beautiful baby girl for a couple who so desperately wanted a baby but couldn't do it on their own. Heather, you are just incredible and being a surrogate is only one (albeit a really big, selfless, brave one) of the million examples of things that you do for others all the time. I am so proud and lucky to know and love you.

Feeling grateful that 'lasterday' is still going strong in this house thanks to Vially. So is 'lasternight,' 'lasterweek,' and 'lasteryear.'

Passing my last (?) PRAXIS test before I can register for online college classes to finally square up on this certification. I took the Fundamental Knowledge test on Saturday and after two hours of ELA, Math, Science, and Social/Civil Studies questions - my brain was mush. But I passed so onward and upward.

Meeting up with the Vordrans for a playdate! B and the girls decided to drive me out to my test (since the weather looked a little iffy) and we made the lastest last minute plans with the Vorndrans at the trampoline park near my testing site. Everyone jumped and wore out their energy while I tested, and they we all went out for Mexican afterwards. It was so wonderful to catch up and so incredibly nice to be with friends who also know and accept this is such a crazy time in our lives (with little kiddos) and when we can squeeze in a short visit then it's awesome, but when we can't - no hard feelings. xxoxo love you guys!
...meanwhile the boys had a sleepover with my parents and had a blast playing in the snow and Grey even got to try out his new snowboard. He's obsessed.

Basketball season'ing with two games this week for Brandon's team and two games for Greyson's Duke Andrews team (we had to miss his first CT game because of overlap - he was so bummed). He also had three nights of Booboo's basketball practice which keeps us buzzing around all week, but with the help of my parents (thank you!) we usually only have to either pick up or drop off. This is always the point in basketball season where exhaustion starts to set in and I start apologizing to all our friends and family about how we sort of fall off the face of the earth. Even though I have attended (next to) no games, it is still tough on our family to have a Daddy running back and forth to games/practices every day of the week. Just sending a thank you to all of our friends and family who tolerate us through the next few weeks, we always roll out of basketball season a little ragged.

Teaching review in Spanish 1 as we prepared for the Unit 3 test (#weloveGimkit). I have finally decided to just bail on teaching old school all together in Spanish 1 because it just does not do anyone the kind of good that teaching through novels and comprehensible content does. So, please excuse me while I realign my curriculum map for the 43rd time until I figure out what works best de nuevo. Spanish 1 Honors worked through Somos Unit 4 while learning about habla, toma, and quiere ser. Spanish 2 had all their privileges taken away (for forever?) because I have had it up to there. More on my thoughts about being a teacher in 2019 to come soon. Spanish 2 Honors started the Somos Unit 13 (el chico del apt 512!) and Spanish 3 Honors finished the preterito Super 7 interview and started Los Tres Cerditos fluency unit. On Señor Wooly Friday, we did an embedded reading of the Feo song and it was an awesome exercise in using their skills in listening, speaking, and reading in Spanish. After they read each level of embedded reading, they could come to me to listen to and answer some questions in Spanish about the passage and then 'level up' to the next embedded reading. Gah, I loved listening to them work their way to figure out the answers and understand the questions #geekforlife

Making Hawaiian meatballs in the slow cooker, tomato soup and grilled cheese (and burning the soup on the bottom of the pot, I have been trying to get that thing cleaned for days!), super delicious pork chops and stuffing bake, and a fridge clean out day on Sunday. Brandon and I have been doing really good at making all of our weekday lunches on Sunday. The first week we had three days of beef chili (3 day work week), and this week we had five days of salads (two plain salads, 2 days of flavored tuna on top, and 1 day of taco meat on top).

Around Here 1: 12/31-01/05/2019

Sunday, January 13, 2019

A look into our life just this moment.

Intentional Outdoor Hours:  less than 1 hour (of 1000)
Really doing a pretty terrible job of getting outdoor hours, but I am also sort of settling into this idea that it is best for my body and soul to mirror the seasons. Instead of getting frustrated with the short daylight hours and the cold in the winter - what if I did like the Danes and cozy up, read, drink hot tea, and go to bed early. As the days get longer, I naturally get less sleep because I squeeze every moment of sunlight out - so maybe I should treat winter as my rest and recuperate so that I can be at full efficiency.

Reading The Storyteller by Jodi Picoult to start the year off. The girls and I watched Dumplin' on Netflix and loooved it.

Celebrating the new year with friends and family. We spent the early evening visiting our besties Jon, Linds, and baby Tessa at their house. The kids were so so happy to play with Tess and the noise level was at a full blast with the five of them and their dog Bo running amok - just how we like it. Then we headed back in towards home to watch the ball drop with our Gilmore family at Uncle Ray's house. Since the kids got a little catnap in on the way home from the Kochs - we had four of four kids awake to welcome in 2019 at midnight (albeit, Rusty was pretty cranky). We cheers'ed our cups and kissed our way into the new year.

Listening to Grey retell his first experience pheasant hunting when he went on new years day with Brandon and his Gilmore cousins. Cousin Jesse has an awesome dog, Gunner who did amazing in the field and Grey actually ended up shooting a pheasant, while B got a chukar. They were so proud - Grey is hooked!

Buying a new planner and loving it. hello new year.

Working on creating my list of 100 small things for 2019 and struggling a bit. I have a lot of frustrations about the state of the world and the state of my mind. ugh. I'm trying to dig deeper and be really specific and intentional about my choices. It's taking a long while, but I think it's going to ultimately benefit my heart and soul for the year.

Attempting to register for my online college courses only to discover that I have one more PRAXIS test to take yet (!) So I signed up for the Fundamental Knowledge test for this month (5511) to try to get it done in time to register for the spring semester. B claims its all a money scheme and was like, "so you graduate high school, and undergrad, and grad school and pass a praxis Spanish test - but you have to pay over a hundred dollars to take a fundamental skills test, yeah okay" but it is what it is - so I've been brushing up on my Math, Science, Social/Civil studies, and ELA skills for another two hour test. Testing for hours is terrible - and to think this is what we do to our babies every year in the state tests!

Basketball season'ing - Brandon had only one game this week, and I have yet to get to more than a half a game this year! With Grey playing basketball and having practices two to three nights a week and two games a week, usually at the same time as B's games - it's just not happening. Grey is getting noticeably more comfortable in each basketball game. We got the schedule for his CT team and the two leagues will only have one game overlap! And bonus - these early morning basketball games end perfectly in time for Saturday brunch with grandparents and aunts!

Teaching again after our long winter break. Yeesh, that first week back after break can make ya a little weary. My hallmate teachers and I were laughing about how even after only a three day week - we were barely making it to Friday. HAH. Spanish 1 did some brain review and learned about 3 Kings day (including watching some Dora in Spanish which had them all cracking up). Spanish 2 started Somos Unit 7 and Spanish 2 Honors worked on 2019 goals in Spanish and learning about 3 Kings day, and Spanish 3 Honors used the past tense to ask and talk to each other about their winter break activities.

Making pork, hot dogs, and sauerkraut in the crockpot for New Years (PA tradition), haluski and breaded rand chicken tenders in the air fryer, B made his and Greyson's pheasant and chukar  (so delicious!), kielbasa and periogies, and fancy fried ramen noodles with leftover chicken.