My baby sister is probably wearing a kilt right now!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Tasha, my baby-est sister is currently studying abroad in Scotland until late May.  She left yesterday and after exhausting flight delays and re-routing has finally arrived this morning (afternoon to her over there- they are 5 hours ahead of us). 

She will be studying and traveling there for the next four months and we are so proud (and slightly jealous) of her.  I haven't been to Europe yet but I know it must be amazing to be in a place with so much history.  To think that some of those buildings and the architeture has been around even before USA was discovered is inspiring in itself.  I can't wait to see pictures and hear all her stories.

She will be periodically posting updates and pictures at her blog, if you are interested in following her:


If you are an avid reader of our blog...or you just know me well; you already understand that I love making goals (and lists) and seeing them through to the end- no matter how big, random, or weird they are.  I inherited this trait from my dad who is the one person that always follow through on his plans and goals.  Case in point; we wrote and published a book that is now available for purchase online.  I know, take a breath- I'm not kidding.  Let's take a few steps back...

If you know my family, you know we are always talking about the weirdest things like they are completely true and not uncomfortable to talk about at Big Foot, gross bodily functions, the world ending, etc.  That's just how we roll.  (hah).  So last year, we all started talking about (mostly joking about) the 2012 theory that is beginning to float around (if you don't know about it - watch the movie 2012, or simply google "2012").  Well- my dad decided that while we were all apart (college, Erie, traveling, etc), he would send us each a writing prompt about 2012 and we would each respond to it.  Of course we thought he was nutty, but he was there clapping and yelling for us at cheerleading tournaments in years gone by- so who were we not to go along with it?  So, a month rolled by- each of us responding to random daily prompts from my dad over email.  After the month was up- our responses were collected, edited/proofread by our favorite newspaper reporter (and family friend) Bruce Siwy...and then sent to a publishing company.  I KNOW, RIGHT?!  And now our book, A Family's Perspective on 2012 is now available online.

Even though the topic is waaaay out there, and even though the entire idea of our little country bumpkin family, who literally has no background in a)science b)philosophy c)astrology d)paganism, etc wrote and published a book is completely INSANE...the point my dad was clearly made:  If you set a goal, no matter how ridiculous and outrageous it is, you can accomplish it. 

So, if you are interested in 2012, or you are interested in learning more about the inner workings of my family's brains, feel free to buy our book.  I'm fairly certain I can get all 5 autographs for ya, if you want:)

Studerbaby Shower & Diaper Party

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Our baby shower (and diaper party) were this past weekend- and they were fantastic.  My parents hosted the parties at their house and even though we had so many people come, it was a cozy and close get together.  The girls were all upstairs with lots of yummy food and desserts!! 

The boys were in the garage (and Bullet too!) with a sign on the door that said "Woman Haters Club."  hahha.  They had a big poker tournament (congrats to champ, Juice!) and ate meat and drank boy of them.

Our little baby is so lucky to have so many people that love him already.  We got so many nice things and I am hardly waiting to put everything together and/or away in the nursery.  We could never thank everyone with as much gratitude as we have for their continuous involvement and support in our lives.

G-ma & Abba

Poppa & Pappy Butch

Great Grammar & Great Gram

Great Grandpap

Aunt Uch & Aunt Kitty

Uncle Juice

Uncle Jon

Cousin Stefanie & Aunt Ninny

Aunt Kate, Sophia, & Aunt Karpy

Cousins Morgan & Ariel

Even my son's future girlfriends and favorite cousin were in attendance at the party!  Mallory (Burgh), Sophia (Fiore), and Samantha (Plummer) were all there to celebrate with us.  They are all so cute and sweet.  I loved having babies to hold throughout the day...good practice for a few months from now!!

We have officially asked Tasha and Jon to be our son's godparents.  They are already spoiling him with gifts and he'll be in good hands for the future.  We are so happy that they are excited to stand up for him.  He is so lucky...again.

It was really a great day and I keep smiling when I think about all the love and happiness that was there for our little baby.  I know we will love him so much, but it is an amazing feeling to know that he will always be surrounded by people that love him...even before they knew him.

NYE Studer Style

Monday, January 11, 2010

We hosted our very first party in our new house for New Years Eve!  We had a great turn-out and I think everyone had a good time.  In my state of 24 weeks pregnant, I miraculously stayed awake until 2:30am!  I didn't even think I was going to make it until midnight for awhile- but I somehow managed with the help from a little holiday cookies and spinach dip:)

We were lucky to have Tash&Jordan and Jon&Lindsay over the night before.  Jon & Linds brought us a great addition to our bar- a Harley neon sign.  It looks so great downstairs and B really loves it.

The boys spent New Years Eve day fishing (of course) while the girls hung out and played Wii and got ready for the party.  Lindsay blew up 25 balloons single-handed (ah!) and we worked to make homemade decorations for the party.  We had a table to NYE traditions out which our guests mostly poked fun at.  I love traditions though and the stories behind them- so I didn't care.  Here are a few for those interested:)

1. Noisemakers- Make as much noise as possible at midnight to "scare" away the previous year
2. Pork - Pigs symbolize progress since they dig and trudge forward; unlike cows & chickens
3. Grapes- eat 12 grapes; one for each month of the coming year to let you know whether the month will be sour or sweet.
4. Midnight kiss- who you kiss is a barometer for the upcoming year.  If its someone you love or want to kiss, then you'll have good fortune in the upcoming year!

It was so nice to have everyone over for the holiday and I was excited for everyone to see our new place.  Even our goddaughter, Mallory made it to the party!  (Not quite to midnight, but we danced to some Michael Jackson together before she crashed out)

Bullet was a big hit at the party and even learned to walk down the basement steps- a feat he was terrified to try before that night.  Thanks to (cousin) Big K- he is now a pro at the basement steps...much to the cats' dismay.  I barely had to take Bullet out for a walk since all our guests were eager to spend some time with him.  Poor pup was exhausted after the long weekend and spent all day Saturday catching up on his sleep.

Things Bullet Has Eaten...

Thursday, January 7, 2010

This is going to be an on-going post about the ridiculous items our puppy, Bullet has eaten and/or chewed practically beyond recognition.  They're pretty funny now...but while I'm cleaning up the mess-there's nothing funny about it.

1. popped red balloon
2. wood chips
3. candlestick
4. cat poop/litter
5. entire tissue box & tissues
6. champagne cork
7. Christmas tree ornament
8. Pine needles & branches (from Christmas tree)
9. his own frozen poop (from the yard)
10. Pinesol water from mop bucket
11. tissue paper
12. cardboard boxes (multiple)
13. Grammar's peanut butter no-bake
14. magnet from the fridge
15. an entire package (unopened) of napkins
16. ashes by climbing into the fireplace
17. Brandon's ALDI papers out of the fax machine
18. straps off of everything (my computer bag, his bed, a backpack)
19. my thumb drive
20. a roll of toilet paper
21. a bar of soap
22. Brandon's slippers
23. dirt out of my plant pots
24. rolls of toilet paper, yes plural
25. a tube of chapstick
26. empty envelopes
27. the strap off of his backpack!  :(
28. shoelaces
29. a pair of underwear...(TMI ?)
30. my netti pot :( :( :(
31. a fish tank filter

12 Months of Kindness Challenge 2010

Monday, January 4, 2010

We are going back at it again- our 12 months of Kindness challenge for the year.  We've kept a few from last year and added on some new ones.  As you'll notice, some of our months require some planning (November), some require support from our family& friends (March, July) and others require almost no time/money at all (June- we'll be saving money!)

I hope by posting our list it inspires others to challenge themselves to 12 random acts of kindness; 1 a month! 

January:  Donation to the Local Food Bank

February:  Valentine's Day cookies for the local Fire Department

March:  March Madness tournament (Proceeds to the PA Special Olympics)

April:  Plant a tree (in honor of our new baby..due April 21st!)

May:  Studer Scholarship for Conemaugh Valley

June:  One-car family  (i.e. take more walks, bike rides, learn  public transportation options)

July:  Studer's Invitational Beer Olympics (Proceeds to Make-A-Wish)

August:  "Local-tarians"  (i.e. Only food from the Erie Region- farmer's market, brandon's hunts/catches, etc)
-Also, learn to make homemade baby food :)
-Also, learn to make homemade jam

September:  Donors Choose

October:  Trick or Treat for UNICEF

November:  CV Alumni Turkey Bowl 2010

December:  "Adopt a Family"
-Also, Holiday cookies for St. Mary's at Asbury

Welcome to the fam: New puppy Bullet

Brandon and I decided not to buy each other any Christmas gifts this year since we just had so much happen in the last few months (new house, new truck, new baby coming!!)  So instead, we decided to take a trip down to The ANNA Shelter ( ) and pick out a new puppy!  We had been looking at their site for awhile trying to guess which dog we would choose and we just couldn't make up our minds.  All of them looked so cute and sweet in their pics.  So, we finally made the trip to the shelter (in the middle of a snowstorm) to pick out our new pup!  After seeing the dogs, we of course wanted to bring them all home, but there was one little guy that stood out above the rest.  He wasn't barking at all and started licking our hands as soon as we came up to the cage.  After playing with him for a little while and talking with some of the workers there, we were madly in love. 

Our new puppy, Bullet is a 5month Brindle Pit Bull and the biggest baby you'll ever see.  So far, he loves chewing on anything he can pick up off the floor.  His chewing destruction has reached:  a candlestick, a popped balloon, a Christmas card, Brandon's snuff can, and the numerous cat toys.  He was such a good puppy during our NYE party and everyone was in love with him. 

Since we have a babe on the way, it was really important to us to make sure we were getting a dog that would be good with the baby.  So far, everyone we have talked to who owns pit bulls and all our online research has shown that they don't deserve the bad rep that they have through the media.  Pit bulls are actually knicknamed the Amercan "Nanny Dog."  The dogs in The Little House on the Prairie and The Little Rascals were Pit bulls.  And from what we've seen from Bullet so far- he aims to please and loves everyone he meets:)

"Home" for the holidays

We had a great holiday in our hometown; Johnstown this past weekend.  We got to spend time with both sides of our families even though it was a little hectic. 

We love the holidays mostly for the good cooking, funny stories/pictures that come out of everyone being together, and the anticipation of Christmas morning. Even though I'm grown and not really crazy about getting presents anymore; the anticipation of waking up early on Christmas morning is so much fun to me. Having a little man around next year who is just as excited as me to wake up early and open presents is going to be so fun next year!