12 Months of Kindness...revisited

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Our 12 Months of Kindness has been going really well. I love the feeling of making time for others. Giving is receiving. Here's an update of little more than 1/3 of the way through the year.

January: goods donation to the our local Humane Society (bones, bedding, food, toys, etc)

-We donated $75 worth of food, treats, and toys to our local Human Society. We got more bang for the buck by going to Petco (where we are members and get discounts) and using coupons cut from the local paper.

February: bake cookies for the local Fire Department

-I made heart-shaped cookies for the Millcreek volunteer firefighters for Valentines day. They were at first confused then surprised and grateful that we thought of them. They are braver than us and we are grateful for them.

March: March Madness tournament poll (proceeds to Special Olympics)

-We had a great(!!) turnout for our March Madness poll tournament. Our family and friends raised over $290 that was donated to the PA Special Olympics. We received 26 tournament brackets and other friends donated even without participating in the game. We feel so lucky to have people in our lives that support us. The winner: Duke & Stacy Soltesz won a $50 VISA giftcard. In the spirit of the Special Olympics oath, "Let me win, but if I cannot win, let me be brave in the attempt," the person with the lowest score: Sarah Moffett received a $5 gift card to Starbucks.

April: plant trees (Earth day<3)>

Instead of a tree we opted for a raspberry bush. It is planted in a BIG pot on our back patio. I can't wait to pick fresh raspberry this summer. We have also planted chives and some potted plants. I love spring. We added composting to the list as well. We bought a compost bin from Millcreek twp ($6) and I have a composting "crock" -purchased from
www.sustainlane.com -that allows me to keep compost stuff handy without making multiple trips to the bin. Our garbage has been minimized significantly. We love Mother Earth.

May: Valley Scholarship

-We received 5 essay entries to consider for our scholarship. It was inspiring to hear from Valley seniors about what is important to them and how they are trying to make a difference. We hope that the essay allowed the students to at least reflect on their power to influence others. We have always tried to be positive role models for others. I think we have chosen a good role model as our winner:) S/he is someone who demonstrated leadership and passion. They will receive $1000 scholarship towards their education for next year. The Senior Banquet will be held on May 7. B and I will be traveling to Johnstown to present our award. There will be a plaque in the office displaying all the scholarship award winner names starting this year.

Exciting Life.

HAPPY EARTH DAY!! Love our home...Mother Earth.

So, it's been awhile and much has happened, or is in the works to happen anyway.

  1. Trout season has begun. hooray
  2. Learning fly-tying.
  3. Is a grilling master.
  4. Had a blast on his TX hunt for his daddy's 50th bday
  5. Researching a Hunting Ranch for our future<3


  1. Attempting to write a book
  2. Started composting!!
  3. Traveling a lot for work:(
  4. Plans weekly dinners.
  5. Reading an AMAZING book: Throw Out Fifty Things: Clear the clutter, Find your life by Gail Blanke. Seriously, life-changing.
  1. got fixed!
  2. Still crazy.
  3. Still drinks out of the fish tank.
  4. Still small.
  5. Still crazy. Did I say that already?


  1. Our Studer Scholarship is coming to a close. We have received five entries for it; all great to read about how students are trying to make a difference at Valley. Really love it.
  2. Still taking Cha-Cha classes and I am continuely impressed and admire Brandon's dedication and patience. This is really out of his comfort zone but he keeps trying and his persistence is sexier than his booty shaking:)
  3. My cousin Stefanie and her husband Justin have asked us to be their baby's Godparents. She is due the end of August. We are so honored and can't wait to meet (and spoil) the little bugger.
  4. Plan: Buy a motorcycle!!
  5. Plan: Hawaii trip in late August!
  6. Plan: Austrailia trip in May 2010
We've had plenty of visitors over the last few weeks and fun with them all. Loong visits with Uch & Jordan (hehhe), Spa party with family, fishing weekends, AKT weekend<3.