The Piggy & The Baby

Thursday, February 24, 2011

kids are weird.  anyone who has kids, or ever watched kids, or has been a kid knows that kids are weird.  We have witnessed plenty of Grey's weirdness already in his 10 months as a human.  From happily munching on dog food (gross weird) to his love for pounding on things like they are drums (adorable weird).  But we have recently discovered the weirdest of Grey's weirdness:  The hilarity he finds in The Piggy & The Baby.

The piggy is a black/chalkboard style piggy bank that he got as a Christmas gift from his cousins Ariel and Gracie.  The baby is a little baby laying in angel wings he got for his baptism from his honorary grandma Becky Siwy.  They sit on a shelf in his bedroom near each other.  Grey does not think there is anything else on the Earth more funny than these two characters sitting next to each other.

A few weeks ago, when I went to get him from waking up from his nap - he was standing in his crib laughing to himself while staring towards the top of his bedroom door (where the shelf is).  At first, in all my ghosthunting loving fervor, I asked Grey, do you see angels, baby?  (Grey has very weird parents - thus explains part of his weirdness - but we have always joked about Grey's great grandparents who have passed hanging out in our house playfully teasing him as angels.  We like to say that when Grey goes all Paranormal Activity 2 on us and stares into the ceiling corners and laughs or talks  its because the angels are visiting). 

that face is perfect example of the creepy baby sees ghosts look

After a few more times catching him laughing in that direction, I got the idea to bring the pig down close to him...but it wasn't that funny to him anymore.  So then I brought just the baby down close to him...but that wasn't funny either.  So I left them side by side on the shelf together and he cracked up.  Which led me to start singing/chanting "the piggy and the baby, the piggy and the baby, the piggy and the baby and the piggy and the baby"  Which makes booboo laugh and dance.

So here we have arrived.  Everytime we walk into the room - booboo is creepily laughing and staring at the piggy & the baby.  Then I sing the piggy & the baby song and Greyson laughs more and dances.  And then everyone in the near vicinity has that tune stuck in their head for the rest of day.

Oh that piggy and the baby just crack us up!

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