The case of the headless rabbit

Saturday, February 27, 2010

We had a very bizarre night- I got up at 3:30am to go to the bathroom and Bullet, our 7 month pitbull-lab mix, was fidgeting around and clearly needed a bathroom break as well.  So, I took him out to the sunroom, put on his leash and sent him outside.  He went to the bathroom and then proceeded over to a poop pile and start munching (ugh?!).  So, I started calling him; he glanced over nonchalantly, and then went back to his midnight snack.  Of course, I was exhausted, frustrated, and furious- so I slammed the door and marched back to our bedroom, resolving in my mind, "If that dog wants to eat his own poop, he can stay outside." 

So once I'm back in bed, I am laying there with a million thoughts in my mind about how to get our dog to stop eating poop, which then turns into, "Why I am up at 3:30am worrying about this while my husband is laying next to me snoozing?!"  So, ever graceful- I sit up in bed and yell, "Brandon- wake up!"  hahah.  We had a long conversation then (yes, at 3:30am) that covered topics about puppy training, to my inability to ask for help, to things we still need to get done before the baby arrives. 

After about an hour, I go back out to the sunroom to let Bullet in where he is crying and fussing.  As I'm taking his leash off, I notice something right outside the glass door leading to the deck.  At closer inspection I realize it is a decapitated rabbit.  So, back in the house I go to get Brandon.  One major bonus to marriage- the husband has full responsiblity of dead animals.  So, at 4am, Brandon is fully dressed and on coroner-detective-animal disposal duty for the headless rabbit.  Meanwhile, I'm inside scolding Bullet and interrogating him, "Did you eat that rabbit?!?!!!" 

Brandon comes in and announces that he thinks the rabbit hasn't been dead for long; certainly less than a day.  So begins our own Law and Order episode about what happened to the headless rabbit.  Of course, the main suspect has now gone back to sleep on the floor after being yelled at by his mummy for a half hour.  (This was all very dramatic, especially since it was 4am).  Initial conversations went like this:

tab, "Do you think Bullet killed that rabbit?!?!!"
B, "I don't know, I was in bed."
tab, "But do you think he could catch it on the leash?  Seriously, do you think he killed it?"
B, "Tab, I don't know.  Please stop asking me the same question."
tab, "He just ate the head?!!? that's weird.  You think he just ate the skull of a rabbit!?!!"
B, "He eats his own crap."
tab, "But just his head, that's totally creepy."

Clearly, thrilling dialogue.  Then I turned on my laptop and Brandon's exact response was, "Oh God, what exactly are you going to google?"  As many of my friends know, I have somewhat of a passion for googling any question that pops into my mind, ranging from "My dog eats his own poop" to "Mermaid sightings."  I am fairly certain in some database somewhere my google searches are red flagged...seriously.  Anyway- I went directly to google and typed in, "What eats rabbits?"  Answers were not that helpful and pretty obvious (tigers, foxes, owls, hawks, wolves, etc).  So, I decided to be a little more specific with, "I think my dog killed and ate a rabbit"  More responses with slightly more help.  One person's response to a similiar inquiry went something like, "Don't worry about your other pets (cats), dogs know who is supposed to be at your house.  A wild rabbit isn't 'supposed' to be there and that is why they attacked that animal...etc"  Okay, a little more comforting...

But I was still stuck on the issue of the rabbit being headless.  Bullet is in love with chewing things up (see post entitled, "Things Bullet has eaten") and when he chews them he does so practically beyond recognition.  This rabbit was perfectly intack with the exception of missing a almost looked surgically removed- it was such a clean break.  At minimum, Bullet would have chewed off a leg or something.  At most, there would have been shreds and a bloody massacre on our deck and in our yard.  I just wasn't going to be able to go back to sleep thinking my dog had eaten only the rabbit's head.  So then what else would be the reason for a headless rabbit?  Occult animal sacrifice (unlikely), Creepy sociopath kid who tortures animals (more likely, but probably not), Aliens ( was 4am, okay?)...

Which led me to google, "I found a headless rabbit in my yard."  And please believe this is the real reason I google all my will ALWAYS find someone else who has asked a similiar question.  Astonishingly, I pulled up at least 5 internet stories about headless rabbits found in yards (make mine #6 for the next person to search this phenomenon). Overall, the posts generally suggested that a hawk got to the rabbit, pulled its head off, and left the rest. 

Brandon and I have both seen a hawk in our neighborhood before, so this is where we rest our 4am Headless Rabbit Law and Order episode.  Our dog is no mindless killer eating rabbit heads whole; he only wanted a proper burial for a furry friend which he knew his daddy could provide.  We rest our case.

Planet proportions

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Now at 32 weeks pregnant- I am the size of a planet...Mercury, maybe?  These last 8 weeks will consist of a whole lot of waddling and resting.  Its a well known fact that ice cream and girl scout cookies make time go faster....right?
Do not even try to explain this face....HAH.

Twice as big as a basketball...nice.

House updates!

Since moving in, we have done some slow but steady changes to the house to make it more "us." Here are just a few things that have been changed recently:)

I put up new curtains in the dining room (darker brown) and we finally switched out the old light fixture-used to be purple and pink (ew)- for a black cylinder light fixture with decorative leaves.  I got it on and it goes very well with our table centerpiece.  We are also working on getting a bigger dining room table, just haven't made the final decision yet.  (Plus- the high chair is up!)

Our living room was kind of sterile and boring, so I also hung up some curtains, but didn't want to cover all the light we get from the glass I just got valances to soften the room a little.  Then I borrowed an idea I saw once in an Pottery Barn catalog and took three of my favorite books (The Alchemist, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, and The Secret Life of Bees) and framed them open to some of the inspiring passages inside.  Brandon thinks it looks a little museum-y, but I love it.  Plus, the books aren't locked on those pages forever- so in a few months, I can change the pages to a different passage:)

Finally, the nursery is almost finished- just a few more accessories to put together and some little stuff that needs to find a final resting place in our house.  With only 8 more weeks to go- we are in good shape and the room should be already for when our little man arrives!  (You see Bullet is anxiously awaiting his new best friend!)...and yes, that's the "mouse baby" in the crib- hah!

Bullet's Valentine's Day Adventure!

Happy Valentines day (& Happy Chinese New Year!) We had a pretty low key Valentines day; B got back from his week long stint in Texas for work late Saturday night so we mostly lounged around all day Sunday trying to stay warm and comfy.  Brandon got cards from me, Lulu, & Jinxy and I made him one of his favorite dinners on Saturday night.  I got a sweet card from B and a real bullet (that said Happy Valentines Day, Mom) from Bullet.  hahha, so clever, Brandon.  Around midday, we headed over to Brown's Farm (part of the Asbury Park complex) and took Bullet on a super long walk through the meadows and woods.  It was snowy but not too cold, so it was really beautiful and enjoyable. 

Bullet loved all the new things to smell and we saw quite a few couples and dog owners with the same Valentines day idea as us.  It was quiet and peaceful walking around and all three of us had a really good time.  We probably walked over a mile and it was a good thing I had strong Bullet to help pull me up some of the time- hahha.  B and I were cracking up and how slow I was moving.  To get me up one hill, Brandon threw a snowball ahead of us and Bullet tried to chase it- thus giving me enough oomph to make it up the hillside.  It was pretty ridiculous...but they say walking is good for the babe:)

When we got back to the house, all three of us passssed out in the living room and then later ordered in from our favorite Chinese restaurant to honor Chinese New Year (year of the tiger!)  It was a low key, but perfect Valentines day.  It was the perfect long walk to tire us all out:)

February Kindness- hello Firemen!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Our February kindness is to bake cookies for the local Fire Department.  I've been sick all week and home alone with Bullet while B is in Texas for work- so I totally took the easy way out and bought the "just pop in then oven" cookies from the store...cheater.  But I think the thought still counts and I did add sprinkles to the sugar cookies, so I put in some type of effort.  In any case, they turned out really yummy (you have to eat the not perfect ones!)

Even though its an easy kindness, its still a little weird dropping them off unannounced.  Generally, people think you're a little wacky (see previous post for December2009 kindness), but I pushed through the awkward feeling and headed over to Fire Station 47 on Sterrettania.  A high school aged looking kid answered the door and I told him I just wanted to drop off some cookies for Valentine's Day and thanks for what they do.  He said thanks and I headed to the car.  As I was pulling away, the fire engine garage door opened and another older firemen came out and smiled & waved.  I smiled and waved back.  It made me happy:)

Bullet's Backpack

Thursday, February 11, 2010

It has been a long journey (already!) getting used to having a rambunctious puppy in our home.  It has also been good practice for me to prepare that things aren't always going to be perfectly clean or in order like I like it.  So, even though there has been some crying and frustration; it has all been for the best.

I have been doing some puppy research online (especially pitbull puppy) and found that maybe what our little Bullet is lacking is a sense of purpose and a job.  Apparently, Bully dogs (Pitbulls, Staffordshire terriers, etc) are positively effected by having a "job" and I think we found Bullet's career!

We got Bullet a puppy backpack that he has started wearing on walks as part of his job-related duties (hahhaha!).  He didn't like it at first go- but he now walks with pride and with his chest out (I think so anyway!) He carries treats and clean poo bags in one side, and on the way back- the other side is filled with full poo bags (hooray that I don't have to carry them!)  Unfortuntely, PetCo only had them in neon green, so he kind of looks like a tourist gone wrong in his little fanny pack, but it works, so who cares.

We have also been taking him on at least two walks a day (mid-day and evening), and will move it up to three walks once the baby gets here (early morning, mid-day, evening).  He is so much better behaved when he gets some energy out and it has been really good to get him socialized and meeting the neighbors.  He loves making new friends.  Our walks are about 30-40 minutes long and just around our neighborhood.  We have a field/trail that is also nearby that B and I have been itching to walk Bullet (and to see for ourselves what its like) but just haven't gotten around to it.  Once the nicer weather comes though, we are going to have to make some trips to Presque Isle to do some walking- can't wait!

Baby Prep: 10 weeks to go!

We have been doing our best to prepare ourselves, our home, and our pets for the arrival of our little man in only a few weeks!!  (10 to be exact- geez that went fast).  I "passed" my glucose tolerance test (i.e. I don't have gestational diabetes!) and got my RhoGam shot last week, so we are over the 2nd trimester hump.  This baby is certainly getting bigger and bigger in there- as you can tell from my supersized belly...I'm up to 39.25 inches around...yes, I said around.

To get mentally prepared for the babe, we started our baby classes!  We have a labor & delivery prep class, and Newborn Care this month.  In March, we have Breastfeeding and CPR classes.  We had our first labor prep class last night and I was fully expecting total awkward-ness and to be uncomfortable...but it turned out pretty fun and a little funny.  Our instructor was really cool and looked, acted, and talked exactly like Jane Lynch (love her), so that it made it enjoyable and pretty hilarious at times.  Plus, there were 13 other couples there which made it much less awkward since there were so many people.  We watched some videos (yikes), ate cookies & juice (yay!) and practiced some breathing and massages (yes, please).  So, all in all it wasn't too bad.  We have two more of the labor classes to go and in the last one we'll be taking a tour of the hospital and maternity ward!

Our house is slowly getting baby-ready.  B and I started putting together the fifty million baby accessories we got for our shower (thank you everyone!)  Well, B is putting them together and I am reading instructions.  Bullet is helping by ripping the cardboard off of everything to get it opened.  We've already assembled the high chair, playpen, and swing.  They are all so cute and not too bad to put together.  We left the high chair and swing up where they'll be in the house (even though we still have 2.5 months to go) so the animals get used to them being there.

Speaking of animals...We have been working with Bullet each day to get him baby ready as best as we can.  As hilarious as it is, I have resorted to treating a stuffed mouse doll like a baby and carrying it around the house and singing to it (if only it cried like a baby).  I put the mouse doll in the high chair and swing and try to do all kinds of annoying things with them (roll them around near his face, push the swing, etc) and as long as Bullet doesn't bite or bark at them (he can sniff) he gets a treat.*  He's been doing really well so far and hasn't been biting or even really touching either of them even when I'm not playing mouse baby practice.  He likes coming into the baby's room then and helping put the mouse baby to sleep- hahhaha.  It is so funny, he sticks his nose through the slats and stares at the mouse baby and then trots out of the room quietly.  I hope he acts just like that when the real baby comes with all his screaming and poop-stinking.

*As much as I would like to take credit for this ingenious technique for preparing the pup for the babe; I borrowed the idea from a therapy dog video I searched on youtube.  This is how they prepare dogs to go into hospitals to work with patients by getting them accustomed to unusual pieces of equipment (i.e. crutches and walkers).

January 2010 Kindness

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

We ran a little late on our January kindness- but we finished it up today.  I gave a call to the Erie City Mission to double check to see if there was anything in particular that they needed donated.  They actually requested toiletries, so I was happy to comply with their needs.  I searched through our back ups of unused toiletries and found three bottles of unopened body wash and two containers of lotion to throw in the donation bag (I always have so much left over from Christmas!) Then I was off to ALDI to get the most bang for our buck.  For $59, I was able to purchase quite a few toiletries; including baby body wash & lotion, deodarant, razors, hand sanitizer, toothbrushes, toothpaste, and antibacterial soap.  I dropped it off at the Erie City Mission and food pantry and they were very thankful.

Feels great to start the year off right.  One month down, 11 to go:)