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Friday, February 11, 2011

For one of Grey's Christmas gifts, I crafted up these family flashcards.  Since we don't get to see our family as often as we (or they) would like, I thought Grey would like a quick way to see them and practice remembering their faces.

It was really easy to get them together and since Christmas we added more flashcards to our deck (including Grey's little girlfriends Sophia & Sammie, and individual pictures of each of us). 

How to make Family Flashcards
1. Take (or find in your pictures folder) pictures of family & friends
2. Upload them to Shutterfly (or your choice of printing service)
3. Crop them appropriately
4. Order 4x6 prints
5. Buy self laminating sheets  (we got ours from Walmart & they are Scotch brand)
6. Write the name of the family member on the back of the photo (we use the name we call the person to Grey.  Like, my mom is "Abba", and we are Mum & Dad)
7. Insert the picture into the self laminating sheet and carefully close to seal
8. Tah Dah!  Baby can bend, chew, kiss, spill drinks/food, and hide them without damage to the photo!

Sometimes we're horrible and put each of our pictures and Bullet's in front of Grey and say, "who do you love most?" He picks up Bullet's flashcard everytime. Currently, his favorite flashcards are Bullet and "Baby" (ie. his girlfriends).

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