Around Here Week 20: 05/10-16

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

A glimpse into what it is like to live in our home just this moment (and week 9 of the covid-19 quarantine). 

photo cred: Violet

Intentional Outdoor Hours:  58+ hours (of 1000)
Up 10 hours this week and I even got lovely morning for my ultimate favorite soul recharging activity this week. As I informed Grey when he plopped down in the porch chair next to me, I think my heaven will be a sunny morning with a warm breeze where I can sit on a porch drinking my coffee and reading while the birds sing the day to life. He responded with, 'Um, okay mom.' and then proceeded to hop up and ride his scooter all around the sidewalks. But a few minutes later, he scooted back around and said - 'what do you think my heaven should be like?' I told him that he might be too young to know just yet, but maybe standing in a creek with a fly rod like Daddy's will be. and he nodded, smiled, and scooted off again. 

Mindfulness exercise: what do you think your 'heaven' will look like (or what does your most joyful peace look/feel like)? I hope it is something you find time to do right now on Earth too

Reading Untamed by Glennon Doyle and The Opposite of Always by Justin A. Reynolds. I snatched up a whole stack of books from my co-worker and bestie's English classroom while I was at school this week, including The Opposite of Always (thanks Renee!) Still reading The Tiger Rising by Kate DiCamillo too with Grey.  

Celebrating Mother's Day with our Quarantine safe group. We had our Adams family join us at our house for a cookout around the fire. We planted hanging baskets, played kickball, chatted around the table while sipping special mother's day cocktails, and hoverboard'ed around the patio. It was a beautifully chilly, sunny, windy spring day. After, we stopped by to visit Gigi and Mimi each for Mother's day. Mimi got to hold Red (for the first time!) It was so wonderful to see and spend time with each other. 

Recognizing that I created addicts when I introduced the kids to Glee. We have been full on singing and dancing maniacs over here. Brandon and I watched Glee when it was on tv and loved it, but there are some mature topics - so the rule has been that they aren't allowed to watch it without a grown up (to talk them through questions and fast forward if necessary...hello Madonna episode with a lot of horizontal kissing!) but the kids have been majorly obsessed and all Alexa ever gets asked to play is Glee cover songs. So we're taking a Glee break for now - it's literally they only thing they've wanted to watch and they ask incessantly to watch again when it's time for a tv break. So - Glee is off limits for the time being until we can get this addiction to show tunes back under control. 

Feeling overwhelmed daily by about 4-6p, which not coincidentally is also the bewitching hour for children. Red has been very clingly and I've been sporting the baby carrier for most of the day. As a four time Babywise parent - I know he needs practice and guidance to create a normal napping routine - but also between virtual teaching and homeschooling and chores, it feels a little unmanageable at the present moment. So instead, his naps end up being in the carrier while I shuffle between my laptop and the other kids and the kitchen for the non stop cycle of preparing-eating-cleaning up. And so by 6p, I've been near tears for the past week. Also, it's been about 6 weeks of less than 4 hours of a sleep at a time, so yeah. Only two more weeks until the end of the rotten 8, I can do this! 

Discovering my spirit tree, Agnes. Brandon brush hogged the field next to our house last fall and as everything is starting to get green again this spring, the kids claimed a tree to climb. As I was checking out their hideout with them, I felt this huge rush of joy come over me. Looking up from the ground, through the branches and leaves blowing in the spring breeze, I somehow feel connected to the past and future while rooted in the present. I think of farmhouse kitchen curtains blowing and old time aprons and baking bread and falling asleep in the shade of a tree just like this on a summer day. The bark and the leaves and the twisting branches wake some creative part of my soul that has been dormant for so long in this momma-must-tend-to-all-the-other-needs-right-now bustle. A little ways down in the field is my Agnes. She is the same type of tree (pretty sure its wild black cherry) and she is my special girl now.

Listening to all the trees for their names. The big kids roll their eyes at me when I tell them that if you listen closely and ask the trees, they will tell you their name. But even amidst their eye roll they also still have the hope of believing in there. Grey and I stood for a long time listening to a pine tree in the goat pen. He decided that he 'heard' Bowie. We also have a Priscilla (apple), Abigail (wild cherry), Boris, and Spooks (two trees side by side that have twisted vines all over them). 

Attending my 6 week postpartum visit. It is always good to see my cousin/midwife/ob Megan and chat, but also a great visit to know that my body has made it through the six weeks mostly unscathed and well. I have been feeling better and more like myself in the last week and a half - so it feels like the official, let's get back on track starting line. 

Quarantine safe grouping - Gemma and Rust had a sleepover with Abba and Chum,Violet had a sleepover at Aunt Uch's house, and Grey got to stay at Uncle Jonny's house after turkey hunting on Saturday and he was overjoyed. It has been so incredibly valuable to their emotional souls to get some special one-on-one time with people they love. They all, but especially my girls, have been suffering from attention deficits during this isolation #bigfamprobs, but even more so because we've added a new baby to our family right in the middle of it too. Violet whispered to me the other day after she sat and watched me sing a lullaby to Red while he stared into my eyes cooing for 3 minutes straight, "Momma, I wish I was a baby again so you would do that to me." I did pick her up and pretend to hold her like a baby and sing to her and we giggled about it, but I hear you girl, we are all in need of a little special attention right now. 

Welcoming six new chickies into our home. I sent B and the two biggest out to pick up take out for dinner and get dog food and chicken feed from Tractor Supply...and instead they got the dog food, chicken feed, and brought home six little all white chicks. No take out though. hah! The chicks are already two weeks old and getting feathers, so the store was sort of desperate to sale them. So, Brandon got suckered in by the Grey and Gem's pleading (and the pleading of the sales ladies!) Third year in a row that we have the baby chick set up stationed in the dining room.  

Not turning away from the violence and heartache of our black and brown brothers and sisters in this country. I know I have the privilege of looking away because I am white with a white husband and white sons and daughters. But to look away is to give silent consent to the systemic racism that I have been soaking in (and subsequently benefiting from) all my life. My heart aches for Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor and their families; but also for all the black and brown families who are fearful and tired. How can I do better to promote human kindness? How can I be a better ally and example to my children, to my students, to my adult friends? 

Mapping out where we plan to install the goat pen. Yep, you read that right. Straight up farmette goals over here.

Zoom birthday party attending for Uchie's bday on Friday night. We chatted, virtually cheer'sed our drinks, did a Just Dance, played Notice the difference (thanks youtube!), and played virtual rock/paper/scissors Survivor style (if you lost, you signed off! HAHA). Afterwards, I cleaned up the kitchen while listening to the Live concert from The Evergreens (a local band) that played a request for Uch's birthday (!) It was a perfect Friday quarantine night. 

Homeschooling and finishing another packet in time for drop off (barely - we had 10 minutes to spare when we pulled into the parking lot, hah). More of the same around here - ya know, missing zoom meetings and arguments about finishing their work. I make mental notes all day long about how much education their getting otherwise to make myself feel better. Like, Grey cooked breakfast by himself, that's math, STEAM, and reading the recipe. Gemma helped pick out flowers from the nursery, that's science and math working out the price. I mean, the learning is happening - they just want to fight me on the worksheets.

Virtual Teaching with kids listening to music! We did a música focused week where students were to listen to Spanish (or Spanglish) music and answer questions each day with a little extension activity. We are down to the final two weeks of school for my students! I headed into school on Tuesday to clean out my classroom and the first thought was "oh Gosh, why do I decorate so much?!" Hahhaa, but for real - a rainbow threw up in my classroom. Thankfully, I stayed focused on the task and then Brandon came down from the admin building to help me and we got everything done! It was kind of sad to take everything down myself, each year the students help disassemble my room and it is such a comforting exercise in going back through all the memories and things we did that year. The students are always saying, "Aw, I remember this" or asking to keep work...but B and I were just like ripping things off the wall and closing up shop as quickly and productively as possible.  

breakfasts: egg sausage casserole (made by Grey for mother's day), cereal (twice), eggs and sausage in a tortilla, egg and ham sandwiches, cupcakes (for Uch's birthday), and toast
lunches: Mother's day feast (church picnic chicken, shrimp, homemade strawberry shortcake including homemade whip cream (!), and Mother's day sangria), ham and grilled cheese sandwiches, leftover chicken over zucchini, salads and wraps, take-out from Tailgatez, and lunchmeat sandwiches
dinners: hot dogs, frozen pizza, fundraiser spaghetti take out (for my student who lost her house to a fire), buffalo cauliflower and burgers, korean style ground turkey and green beans over rice, pizza delivered (from the Vorndrans - thank you!!), and leftovers. 

Around Here Week 19: 05/03-09

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

A glimpse into what it was like to live in our home just this week, which was also week 8 of covid-19 lockdown and Screen Free Week!

Intentional Outdoor Hours: 48+ hours (of 1000)
Up another five hours thanks to some outdoor hikes. We had some solid 'spring' type weather in the early part of the week and then it straight up snowed by the time the weekend rolled around. Snow in May?...welcome to 2020 -

Reading Untamed by Glennon Doyle and starting The Tiger Rising by Kate DiCamillo as it is part of Greyson's school packet for the next two weeks. We're doing it a combo of independent reading and Read Aloud. I love Kate DiCamillo, so I'm definitely cool with it and I think his teacher, Mrs. Miller (hi!) picked it on person as a nod to all parents who have binged Tiger King on Netflix during the lockdown (I see you, Mrs. Miller - you're a cool cat). 

Going Screen Free for the week. We have been so dependent on screens during this isolation and even though National Screen Free week was postponed (they've been encouraging Screen Free Saturdays if you need motivation!), I knew we all could use a force look-up. I kept tucked in my heart that I would give myself a enough grace to call it quits if I needed to (it is a global pandemic after all), but we stuck it out Monday-Friday night. It was standard screen free joy around here - dirty, tired kids with lots of outdoor time and random naps all over the house. I did 'meh' because while nursing Red, sometimes scrolling is the only thing that can keep me awake (!) but I tried to stay mindful at least to how often I feel the urge to pick up my phone. The funny thing is - if I announce it's screen free week, the kids huff and roll their eyes for approximately 4 minutes and then they figure it out. They push through boredom and find something else to do. The moment I waver a little bit on the rules, they see that weakness and pounce, man. And then it's all whining and begging and I'm ready to pull my own hair out. So I actually kept the Screen Free status in place for my own sanity! 

In case anyone is interested - our normal screen rules are: 
1. no tv/screens until at least 11am (which usually means there is naturally no screens until after 3p because they're already playing so intensely)
2. no screens at the meal table
3. no screens at practices/games 
4. no screens in the car

We have two tvs (the living room and our bedroom) and only the living room tv has streaming capabilities like Netflix/Prime/etc. We also have an XBox and 2 working iPads that rarely get used. No child has a phone and the goal is (and the kids know) that they won't have their own phone until they are in 8th grade/14 years old. (even that seems young- so we will see when we get there). I know I'm a broken record about this, but there is a huge behavior and emotional difference in our kids when we are so intentional about screens and when we are not. The creativity and capacity for patience is staggering when our kids aren't so zombie'd out on screens. As a high school teacher I am regularly exasperated by students' disinterest and apathy and I know screens aren't entirely to blame - but....aren't they kind of? 

Embracing our "quarantine safe group" rules and spending time with the people in our self designated "safe group". Grey and Gem had a sleepover at my parents' house (!) while the meatballs (Vi & Rust) got a full day to spend with both my parents and Brandon's parents. The kids and I met my parents and sisters at Aunt Kitty's house for Cinco de Mayo dinner on Tuesday night which was such a nice distribution of kid energy for me while Brandon had his school board meeting. Our kids are so much more at ease to have their people back near them and in their arms. We set rules that they can hug but not sharing food/drinks and no kissing. Red has finally gotten the snuggles he deserves from his closest family. We are following all other social distancing and face mask rules, but we need our nearest and dearest people - so we're going safe group style for now. 

Hiking to a very cool waterfall right in our neighborhood! We didn't even know Yoder Falls existed until my friend and co-worker Nicki asked me about it. We decided to take a family hike and loved it. It was a little more intense of a hike than we were expecting (hah, Brandon had Red in the baby carrier!) but the kids had a blast and it was really beautiful. I fell once in the creek on a slippery stone, as did Violet and Rusty. When we got to the falls the kids were all begging to go swimming (!) but we barely convinced them it was still too cold - they were appeased with putting their feet in at least. 

Listening with a smile as Grey has read DogMan (Tale of Two Kitties) to Rusty each night this week - they actually finished the whole book and both of them requested another one from the series to read together at bedtime. 

Exploring Stackhouse Park with our whole crew, my sisters, and Lady (Uch's pup). It has such peaceful and gorgeous wooded trails and the kids loved looking for crayfish in the stream while I nursed Red in the pavilion halfway through our park visit. Grey even accidentally found a geocache and we signed the booklet! 

Worrying about all our beautiful blossoming trees and new buds and flowers as the cold and snow May - how!? why!? We have a dogwood tree in the back rock garden that has been trying to come to full life for the past two years and this year -finally!- it was starting to bud. So my fingers are crossed and we keep whispering "grow" to it every time we are outside in hopes that it makes it big debut this summer despite the frost. 

College'ing by turning in my last paper! I'm done! I also got in all my paperwork for my mentors and my cooperating teacher (hi, Renee!) wrote me the kindest letter of recommendation that had tears in my eyes. 

Homeschooling with a new 2week packet for the kids. They've received new material and ughhhhhh. Here's the truth for all you non-teacher parents out there trying to homeschool:  homeschooling is no joke. I'm a teacher, I love teaching, I love teaching your kids. Let me repeat that for those in the back - I love teaching YOUR kids. not mine. YOURS. I love my own children. I teach them manners, hygiene, life skills, respect, house work, responsibility, sharing, even read alouds, like hell yes I'm in. Teaching them academics? No thank you. I'm responsible for all the other learning in their life, academics are for their other teachers - this is why it's a village. we need other people who can carry this load of raising up children. I am good on the parenting side, I need their teachers on the academic side. (I love you, teachers and I'm doing my best - but also there are five kids over here - including a newborn - and so if you don't know why my kids work looks like poo and they miss a hundred zoom meetings, it's because they need you...I NEED YOU). so much love to all the teachers - I know you miss them too (because I miss my students). Parents - hang in there and give it your best, but also, like...I get it. #drowntown (to the homeschool parents who do this regularly - you all are not from this planet and I idolize you. for real). 

Virtual teaching for the last week of their country research projects (pop culture!) and really impressed with their work as I've been peeking in on their projects. Friday should have been our prom, so I woke up feeling a little sad about thinking of how it would have been if we weren't in the lockdown - spending the day with my prom committee kids putting up final touches on the hall, setting up for the grand march in the high school auditorium, getting dressed up and having a date night with my handsome hubs. 

Making kind-of keto meals to eat this month. Brandon is going a little stronger on the keto than me, but we're trying to make conscious choices at least - baking chocolate chips are my literal downfall everyday, I'm addicted.
breakfasts: scrambled eggs & bacon, pb&j toast (twice), keto mug bread, muffins from a mix, pancakes, banana bread, cereal
lunches: lasagna (from Abba!), taco tuesday for cinco de mayo, everything chicken with cream cheese sauce, baked bbq chicken tenders, mac & cheese with leftover chili, 'lil smokies in crescent rolls, keto cheesy breadsticks, frozen pizza
dinners: burgers, "fancied up" leftovers, tacos at Kittys' house for cinco de mayo, grilled cheese sandwiches, hot & ready pizza from little caesar's, swedish meatballs in the slow cooker over mashed potatoes, chicken pot pie over biscuits

Around Here Week 18: 04/26-05/02

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

A glimpse into what it is like to live in our home just this moment (week 7 of covid-19 lockdown)


Intentional Outdoor Hours:  43+ hours (of 1000)
Up just 4 hours this week, this spring is turning out to be kind of strange and I'm feeling the effects of getting kind of old. I told Brandon that if the temperature is not above 60 degrees, I'm just too cold and hateful. That sounds ridiculous especially coming from someone who has lived the majority of her life in PA, but for real. I probably just need better clothes, but the chill in the air and the wind this spring (so windy!) has me hesitant to spend tons of time outdoors...well that and the newborn, but still. 

Reading and finishing Dig. by A.S. King. I loved it so much that I felt sad for the rest of the day because I was done with that story and those characters. My copy of Untamed by Glennon Doyle arrived - it's our next Books 'n Brews book - and my blood is moving more swiftly through my veins and I can hear the beautiful female song of all women who came before, stand with me now, and shall come after me. I legit screamed when I read the prologue and the cheetah's name was...TABITHA. Literally a message to me to free my soul and live bigger. I hear you, Glennon. 

Smelling skunk after Bullet got sprayed on Sunday night. One of my students also taught me something interesting after I shared with my class that Bullet got sprayed. He said that since dogs lift their tail as a sign of a greeting/submission - dogs think that when skunks lift their tails they are just being friendly - hahha! (thanks for sharing Connor!)

Loving that Rusty says:  Tinja Nurtles

Social distance visiting with family. Mimi and Kuma came over with their masks on to say hi to Red and the kiddos and deliver Grey his very first Amazon giftcard (coolest gift ever Aunt Pam! He picked out polarized sunglasses for fly fishing and magic 8 ball - literally the epitome of explaining Greyson at 10 years old). My Dad (aka Chum) came over one afternoon to check out our projected back porch plans and give us some thoughts on what he thinks we should do. He got roped into multiple kickball games and brought us snacks for a fire ring dinner that night! On Saturday, we stopped by our cousin's house for a cookout outside and the kids did actually a pretty good job staying away from each other in the yard. 

Impressed with the contraption Grey and Gem built which they hoped would be a usable tire swing but was made out of scrap wood, so it wasn't able to hold a child's weight - but it was still legit. That counts for what in class, STEAM, math, and physics...right?

Restocking the fridge and pantry by (finally!) snagging a Walmart pick up time.

'Squatching. Grey pulled out the gorilla/bigfoot costume we have and ran through the yard pretending he was Bigfoot to spook Rusty (ughhh). I reminded him that it would be more funny to make him laugh instead, so they set up a photo shoot in the woods to create 'squatch photos. I just can't with these children. 

Doing a happy dance that our Redland is one month old! He is already changing his look from fresh newborn to growing baby. This also means we are halfway through the rotten 8 and thank goodness because omigoshImsotiredIthinkImightjustdie. 

Enjoying slow Saturday mornings since its still turkey season and my two biggest boys (B and Grey) leave at 4am to get into the woods.  

Considering how we can maintain social distance and do our best to keep all of our community safe - but also have the help, love, and hugs of our own people.  We are tossing around the idea of creating a "Quarantine safe group" which would include grandparents and aunts/uncles. We still have low numbers of covid-19 here in our region and we've been away from our people for 7 weeks! It's starting to feel like, if/when the virus gets here and any of us get sick - we've all missed out on the last 7 weeks of hugs from the people we love most and then what would have been the point of all the separation. Also, after 7 weeks of all kids at home and then the addition of a newborn (while virtual teaching, homeschooling, and taking a college course)...I just kind of need some help. 

College'ing by writing and turning in my second to last assignment for class! I also got to flip some lesson plans into the college official format to prep for my last assignment. 

Homeschooling and finishing their 2 week packets for turn in on Saturday. I also missed BOTH of the kids' class zoom meetings and didn't realize it until looking at the clock about an hour late each times like, 'oops.' 

Virtual Teaching with continuing the Spanish speaking country projects. This week students were researching historically relevant information about their countries. I also set up at powerpoint that we all shared in adding photos called "bring your pet to school week" and I got to see the kids' animals with whom they spend their days. There were wet noses and sweet little whiskers and even some other kinds of pets (birds and lizards!) 

breakfasts: bagels (from Heather) and cream cheese, cinnamon toast, egg & ham breakfast wraps, homemade blueberry scones (easy and my first time!), pancakes, cereal (twice)
lunches: leftovers, baked ravioli, sub sandwiches from our local deli, hot dogs, corn on the cob (some elote for me and Brandon!) with kielbasa and sauerkraut, salads and yogurt parfaits, and chili 
dinners: french toast, mountain pies and hot dogs on the fire, chicken & green beans (from Heather), cereal, creamy Italian chicken in the crockpot over egg noodles, Murphy's wings (from our neighbors) and buffalo chicken dip

Around Here Week 17: 04/19-25

Monday, May 11, 2020

A peek into what our life is like right this moment during week 6 (!!) of the Covid-19 lockdown.

Intentional Outdoor Hours:  39+ hours (of 1000)
I got in a walk with the kids and even Red off-roading in the stroller on the trail behind the house (hah). To celebrate Earth Day I encouraged the kids to take a 'naked yard lap' in the 40 degree weather before they all donned bathing suits and jumped into a bubble bath in our Jacuzzi tub where there was a lot of splashing and scream giggling. 

Reading Dig by AS King and really enjoying it. She is an incredible writer and the way the story is weaving together has me completely captivated. Grateful that she is a YA author for your young people and such a fierce advocate for all young people.

Releasing our painted lady butterflies!

Visiting through the glass with family. My aunt Darlene, Uncle Mike, and cousin Amy stopped over on Sunday night to deliver us pizza (thank you!) and to see Red.

Donning our face masks as Gemma, Red, and I adventured out into the world for their well checks. Gem was due for her 8year well check, so we just doubled up to do it on the same day and time as Red's 2 week well check. Hooray for efficiency! Red weighs more than his birth weight (yay!) and I got a print out of Gem's physical form (reminder for fall sports parents - don't forget to request a copy for your kiddo between now and late summer!) Both kids got a thumbs up for their wellness!

Pumping! I was only able to pump enough just to get bottles for Red to drink right then because all the kids wanted a turn at feeding him. As of now we only have one bag in the freezer on reserve!

Noting all the ways the kids are passing the time currently. All the kids like to play kickball in the backyard (best case scenario for them is Dad playing as all-time pitcher), the girls are into playing babydolls right now and I find their baby doll accessories all over the house. We also had a Just Dance morning on Saturday to get out the wiggles. We introduced them to Little House on the Prairie and they loved it. It is so funny to watch it now (I used to love watching this show at my Grandma's house). It is so slow paced but still filled with action - like at one point the dog got swept down the river and Laura said, 'what happened to Jack, Pa?" and Pa simply said, "he must of got swept downstream" Grey could not stop laughing at how nonchalant of an answer that was.  There was a lot that needs explained from a historical context but they were enthralled:  traveling in a covered wagon, one room school houses, Ma protecting her family from the Native Americans. 

Marveling at all of our blossoming trees in the yard, my favorite part of spring! We have a bunch of wild cherry trees sprinkled throughout the yard along the tree line that are so beautiful, but the grandest of all is our pear tree that I swear has never blossomed this much in the 9 years we've lived here. She is glorious!

Turkey calling as youth mentor day opened on Saturday. The kids went out with Brandon on Friday evening to sight in the gun (the little kids shot the BB gun at a target) and then Brandon and Grey went turkey hunting on Saturday with Pappy and Uncle Jonny. They heard and saw a ton of birds, but no turkey to bring home yet. Grey loves it so much and can't wait to go out again next weekend.

Spraying the kids' hair with wash-out root cover up in dark brown (thank you Gigi!) because Gemma wanted to be like the lead singer in the School of Rock series, so Violet and Rusty requested darker hair too. Having some non-blonde Studerkids was pretty funny for a few days. 

Shaking my head at how strange this all is. Just two months ago I was looking forward to being home from school on maternity leave with our new baby and just the two littlest kids. I imagined recovering and then tackling a long list of to do items at home. I would stay in contact with the prom committee to make sure everything was getting done, but other than that - my sub would be covering all the plans I had laid out in my long term substitute binder (still sitting on my desk at school). We would need to figure out how to get to all the soccer practices and baseball games - but that's what family and friends are for right when a new baby arrives. But here we are instead - no nothing but also somehow everything. No games, practices, visits, plans but still work, all five kids, and no outside help. It's so bizarre and even after 6 weeks of it - I'm still not 'settled in' to this life. It's an enormous relief to not be running in a thousand directions like our normal but this isn't our best either (without family and no where to pour our generosity of spirit).

College'ing by turning in another assignment and touching base with the college about end of year wrap up activities (evaluations, dates, etc). Almost there! Only two more assignments to go.

Homeschooling with the big kids' packets from school and some print outs from the little kids' preschool. I also purchased activity workbooks for the little kids from Amazon to keep them occupied easily while the big ones do their homework. Grey had his first class Zoom meeting this week and was proud to show off his baby brother. Gemma invited all her siblings to join her storytime Zoom meeting on Friday afternoon (her teachers are so sweet - they read Interrupting Chicken to the class as a read aloud).

Virtual Teaching with a zoom meeting with students on Wednesday. It was so good to see their faces and hear their voices. I had about 10 kids opt to join me for a half hour or so to check in. The students got started on a country research project that will span the next three weeks. This week they were specifically looking into country details like flag design, imports/exports, leadership, climate, etc. They are putting all their research into a presentation. We did a check in google form on Friday too. We got some end of year details at our staff meeting (last day, potential graduation plans) and it feels so strange to be discussing all this without the normal end-of-year stuff (field day, senior trip, finals, senior week). I feel so disorientated.

breakfast: eggs & fried potatoes, chocolate croissants, homemade bagels, peanut butter & oatmeal cookies, cereal, toast, jalapeño & cheddar bagels (from Heather! so delicious from Ryan's artisan)
lunch: buffalo chicken dip, frozen pizza (twice!), philly cheesesteak wraps, spaghetti leftovers, cheese quesadillas, ice cream from the Silver Bell (hah!)
dinner: pizza delivery (from the Mayers!), pork tenderloin (Hello Fresh), fried rice with leftover kielbasa, Italian marinated baked chicken, spaghetti for the kids and Old Bay shrimp over risotto for the parents, cereal for dinner (LOL), wings & burgers for take-out (from Tulune's Living the Dream)