Happy Wedding Shower, Tare!

Monday, September 27, 2010

On Saturday, we were invited to Taryn's wedding shower!  We were so glad to celebrate with her and Greyson was happy to attend his first and probably his last wedding shower (until he brings flowers to his own bride-to-be, ahh!).
Tare & some of her maids
The restaurant was set up so beautifully and Tare had the most adorable centerpieces (and yummy cupcakes!)

There were even hibiscus flowers in the champagne glasses and Kayla  was the only one brave enough at our table to eat it.  She said it tasted like fruit roll-ups though! yum!

The soon-to-be Mr & Mrs
 Greyson got to meet some of his Daddy's college friends while we were at the shower!  Brandon has great friends from college and we miss them all the time.  Since Taryn&Dobber live in Chicago we hardly get to see them and this was Grey's first time to meet them.  He loves them already, hehh!

Grey & Dobber
Grey and his W&J girlfriends

Our week in Johnstown: Fall 2010

Between Fall Festivus and Taryn's bridal shower, we had a full week and the prospect of driving to Johnstown from ERie two weekends in a row was exhausting....so Grey and I decided to shack up with our families in Jtown for the whole week.  Boy, were the families happy about it!  We stayed for half a week with Abba, Poppa, & Aunt Kitty.

Photo-shoot with his aunts before Aunt Uch went back to Lock Haven

And even got to visit with Greyson's great grandpap Mesaros & great uncles.

Then we spent the other half of the week with Gma, Pappy Butch, Sydney, and Rosie.

Aunt Pam, Morgan, and Meemee even stopped down for a visit with Grey!

Greyson even got to visit his grandmas at work so that they could show him off all their co-workers could meet him. 

Two days in a row Grey got to go to lunch downtown and was "naughty" both time.  He spilled an entire glass of water onto himself and Abba's lap! 

And then got so messy eating with Gma that we had to strip him down to his white onesie while still at the restaurant.

Of course, neither Grandma was embarassed or upset.  Rewind 25 years and that was me/brandon and it would've been a different story...but their grandson- no problems!

We missed Daddy and Bullet though.  So by Saturday evening, we were happy to be back in ERie.  Thank you for letting us stay and making us feel so at home for the week.  We'll have to make it a seasonal tradition to spend a week in Johnstown.  Greyson really loved spending so much time with his grandparents.  And mummie really loved having so many extra pair of hands:)

Fall Festivus

We celebrated the first annual Fall Festivus at my parents' house the second weekend in September.  The idea behind the celebration is that friends and family would come together to prepare the harvested foods and goods from the year and share among each other.  We made frogmore stew and it was delicious.  However, I was very self-conscious of the fact that we hadn't harvested anything over the course of the year- thus cementing my sentiments to garden next year.  My family was coordinated, appropriate for the season, in plaid.

Also there were games...(did you expect anything less at an Adams function?)

Boo boo helped Daddy referee!
And of course, like every function we have there was merriment.  At dusk, we had a fire that also consisted of cool jams on the guitar from Justin and Alex.

And then after it started raining and we had to bring the fun back under the pavilion...things started getting a little strange.... 

Happy Fall Festivus!  Can't wait until next year!

Boys to Chicago & family to the rescue

When your favorite friends are getting married and you are lucky enough to be included in the day; you do whatever you can to be there for all the celebrations along the way.  Hence, Daddy and Uncle Jonny made a road trip through Ohio to pick up Kevin and then headed to Chicago for Taryn&Dobber's bachelor(ette) party.  It was a long trip, but the opportunities for "single man" road trips with your best friends are becoming few and far between as we continue into adulthood(ugh).  So they reminicised about college days gone by, laughed at their silly boy jokes, and got lost along the way, happily.  I was glad to see B get a break and enjoy himself for awhile.
Grey got to spend some time with Uncle Jonny before the trip
Hahha, thank you for taking this pic just for the blogs sake.
On my side of the window however, I peered out at the long weekend alone with the baby and the dog after 5 months of exhaustion and realized there was no way I was going to make it....so I called in some reinforcements!  Gma, who despises driving long distances by herself, hopped into the car moments after I called and made the (normally 3 hour but for Mare..) 4 hour drive up to ERie to spend the weekend with Grey, Bully, and I.  Oh, how much pull that little baby has over his Gma - he don't even know.  Greyson got to spend time with Gma...

...while Mummie got to take an uninterrupted shower & watch a movie.  hah.  We had a great weekend which also included (of course!) brunch out and a quick shopping trip to Gabes.   Thanks again, Gma!!

On Sunday, Grey and I met up with Abba, Poppa, & Aunt Kitty at the "half-way" point between Johnstown and ERie for some brunch.

Then we had a little playtime at Moraine State Park and enjoyed the fall weather.  It was so nice to have some company before the boys returned from Chicago.  Thanks for meeting up Mum, Dad, and Kayla!!

Boo Boo at 5 months old!

We have been very busy the past few weeks - so I apologize for not posting in awhile.  Now that Grey is half way through his five months...I guess I should give a quick five month update!

At five months old, Greyson is starting to sit up on his own!  I wouldn't leave him there without anything behind is back for a long time....he does tend to do the turtle-trapped-on-his-back move fairly often still...but he is getting stronger each day.  He hasn't made it to the point where he can get into a seated position on his own yet though, but he is becoming quite a master at scooching backwards.

Not surprisingly, Grey still loves eating....everything.  The kid can throw back a 6oz bottle followed by a size2 fruit or veggie like a champ.  We've gotten to the point where its almost impossible to go to a restaurant with him now because we can't eat in front of him without him having food too.  He's starving.all.the.time.

Trying to grab his own snacks!
With fall around the corner, I am having to put Grey in layers of close to accomodate for the fluctuating temperature.  Problem is that since Grey was born in spring and spent most of his life so far in diapers alone, he isn't pleased about the prospect of wearing clothes.  He is getting pretty fussy at the changing table when I start putting the pants on and then basically screams bloody murder when I put a long sleeve or a hoodie on him.  Poor kid, he has no idea what's to come when its snowsuit time in ERie?!

Angry about all his layers.
Grey's love for his jumperoo has reached new heights.  He used to just kind of stomp his feet around while he was hanging in the jumperoo...but not no more.  He swings himself all around, bounces, and even gives a few solid jumps!  He is so eager to move around that the jumperoo is his new favorite place to be while he's awake.

Bully & Greyson; still best buds.

Greyson finds a friend in the mirror!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

While at the mall today, we were waiting for daddy to try on his new suit and Grey found a new friend....in the 3-way mirror!  He sat there and babbled away at his new "friend" for about 20 minutes and loved it..he even started fussing when it was time to go.  It's so sad to say goodbye to friends! hah!

When we got home later, I set up the mirror in front of him while he sat with the boppy....and again - he sat and talked away with his baby friend in the mirror for a long while.  He was having such a blast- uh oh...time for a brother/sister?  HAHAHA, JUST KIDDING GRANDMAS!! 

Silkie Parachute playtime

We discovered Sarah's Silks through one of my TFA friend's blog and fell in love with them right away.  We got Greyson a blue silkie and have found lots of ways to play with it.  I love "toys" like the silkie because they are battery-free and drive imagination.  Someday we can use the silkie as "water" for his toy cars to drive around...Right now, Grey's favorite silkie game is to play parachute with it (like in the video).  But we also make forts with it and play peekaboo with it too.  It's soft and breathable.  Grey's Aunt Pam says that she thinks the silkie takes him to far-away places:)  Watch his face, he definitely looks like he's entering some kind of dream world!

Greyson's Book Review: Armadilly Chili

Friday, September 17, 2010

This is by far one of Boo Boo's favorite books.  Armadilly Chili by Helen Ketteman is reminiscent of the Little Red Hen with a southwest twist.  Despite the length (really meant for kids older than 4 months) Grey hangs on to every word and loves the vibrant, colorful pictures.  Momma loves it because it lends itself to multiple opportunities for funny voices. 

disclaimer: its a good story, but brace yourself, it takes me 6 minutes to read it!

my nature boys

The division of girls and boys in our house is equally divided at this point (technically).  3 girls (mum & the two cats) and 3 boys (dad, boo boo, and the dog).  But when we break it down like normal people and just count humanoids - mumma is the lone estrogen carrier in the house.  I love love love the city, I miss NYC everyday, and I love being surrounded by nameless faces....but luckily for my hunting/fishing husband, I can also be completely happy laying in the grass looking for bugs too.  So, is it a surprise that Greyson is an outdoors lover already too?  Since he was born in the spring, he had all summer to enjoy soaking up the sights, sounds, and summer breezes in nothing but a gdiaper.  He already has some favorite outside activities like sleeping on blankets in the grass and riding Dad's tractor!

Once while Grey was mowing with Dad, I tried to take him in and he wailed until he got back on the tractor with Brandon.  Oh brother, this kid is BOY to the bone, I swear.

As hunting season approaches and Daddy is in the woods scoping out his hunting spots, Greyson has taken a trip or two to Dad's hunting spot.  Boo Boo loves taking walks, especially in the Bjorn, and Daddy even went up in the tree stand with Grey.  (Mumma was not in attendance for this trip; I was at the spa relaxing....little did I know my little 4 month old baby was hanging out in a 15ft. tree stand with his daddy...naughty).  Boo boo loved it - big surprise.

We also recently took Grey out in his first rainstorm (more like a drizzle) and he giggled the whole time.  Not only does he love being outside, but he really loves water...it was like the best of both worlds for him!

Not only do I have an outdoor-loving husband and baby, but our pup also loves hanging outside.  We are in the process of getting a fence so Bully can just roam free in the backyard.  He recently got into a battle with a wasp (and lost).  When we brought him in the house, his whole left eye was swollen shut.  He was a sad sight, but at the suggestion of some helpful googling- we put some vinegar on it and it went down gradually.  It was completely healed by the morning and Bully of course went on without missing a beat.