The Team

Hi.  Welcome to our blog; we are Team Studer.

This blog is written by the Momma, Tabitha.  A 35+year old wife&mum who enjoys reading, writing, but needs to work on her arithmetic skills.  I have found (in both age and parenting experience) that nothing is ever like you thought it would be; somehow generally better and yet different than I had previously imagined.  I love trying new things; recipes, self-improvement techniques, new books, and pinsearching for inspiration.  There are few earthly problems that I believe can't be solved by kindness or education.

As such, I strive to approach every day with kindness, gratitude, patience, and an attitude toward being a little better today than I was yesterday.  As a family, we've committed to our 12 Months of Kindness project for the past few years as a way to continually remind ourselves to be grateful for this wonderful life we have by giving back locally, nationally, or globally in some way.  You can read more about that here.

I am a Spanish teacher in a small high school nearby and a momma to our six babes; Greyson, Gemma, Violet, Rustin, Redland, and Olive.  Booboo (Grey) is our rough and wild boy who loves sports, fishing, and hunting. Roie (Gemma) is our little momma in the house; she is empathetic to a fault and takes care of everyone and evertyhing.  Vially (Violet) is honest to a fault (LOL) and our creative, brilliant artist who can make beauty appear from nothing.  Rusty (Rustin) is our cannonball stunt actor who wrecks everything and then hugs it all back together. Bubie (Red) is our little man with a mischievous grin and fearless attitude. And our Livy Lou (Olive) is the happiest little plump cherub you ever did see; almost everything makes her flash her toothless grin. 

My husband, Brandon, works out of the home full-time. He coaches the boys' sports teams and I coach the girls' teams and we have two big dogs and thirteen chickens, and five goats.  Oh yea, we are high school sweethearts that despite 6 years long distance (attending different colleges), we stuck through it and built the life that I was literally doodling about in my history notebook in 11th grade.  He is the patient and unwavering steady to my enthusiastic and constantly evolving ambition.  No one else on the planet would put up with the crazy I toss his way, but he does with both a smile and a reassurance that helps me accomplish my lofty dreams.

We live in western PA on top of a mountain where we enjoy spending lots of time in the outdoors.  So much so, in fact, that we started a small business around educational resources for families who hope to raise their kids up with the traditions, safety, conservation, and respect for the outdoors..  You can find more about The Hunting Daddies by visiting our webpage or purchasing one of our books!

Thank you so much for stopping by our blog.  I hope you'll stay awhile :)


  1. I stubbled across your blog via Google when looking for ideas for a mini Olympics I need to plan. Then I came to this page of your blog and must say that I am super impressed with your outlook on life, parenting and marriage. You are an inspiration and makes me want to be sure to stay grateful for the wonderful life I have been given. Thank you!

  2. your family is so cute