SCF & girls weekend

Monday, February 28, 2011

Another February means another SCF weekend!  SCF stands for Sisters Come First and not only is it our motto, but its also tattooed on each of my sisters and I.  Even though we see each other multiple times a month, we have set aside a weekend in February where we are committed to spend the whole weekend together doing all those weird sister things that make us laugh.
Like making up pretend drinks and calling them the Ultra Top Secret SCF cocktail

And playing silly games that make me laugh so hard I almost choke.

After spending a hilarious and gab-infested night at Kayla's new apartment in Zeli; we headed up to ERie so my sisters could have some Booboo lovin.

And then we continued our sister entourage of debauchery to one of our favorite watering holes; Sandbar...where we were happily surprised to find that the best 80's cover band this side of the Mississippi was playing; the M-80s.  And so in full Adams girl fashion; we started a train on the dancefloor, made friends with some random local college kids, tricked the bartender into giving us free drinks, and had a pretend dance off with an alleged 80 year old woman we knicknamed Maw Maw.  Verdict:  Maw Maw may have won.

On Sunday, we got a visit from my Mom and Francesca for the long holiday weekend.  We all went out to lunch; poor Greyson was surrounded by 5 women while daddy was at work and then did a little shopping.  Kayla & Tash left for Lock Haven and then Frannie and I stayed up long into the night discussing life dreams and discovered that we're kindred spirits<3 heh. 

Tasha, Kayla, Tab, Booboo, & Frannie:  4 sisters and one spoiled little boy.  hehh
 My mom got in some serious Booboo time too, which made us all smile.

It was a great weekend of girl gab fest - which I usually don't my soul was very grateful.

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