booboo goes to college!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

We headed back to W&J the first weekend in February for the annual Alumni basketball day.  We didn't even think of it until we got there - but it was Booboo's first live sporting event experience.  While we were walking in, I was getting a little nervous to how Grey would react to all the buzzers and whistles and shouting.  Turns out - he really is his daddy's son.  That kid was mesmerized and watched the ball the entire time.  He absolutely loved the game and stayed awake as long as he could to just watch the players bouncing and shooting the ball.  Then he passed out in Mr. Koch's arms and slept right through all the buzzers.

W&J Alumni Daddy & Future W&J student (daddy hopes!)
  After the game, we made our way to our favorite Washpa spot - Solomon's for the alumni basketball reception.  Booboo got to hang out with all of his dad's college friends.  It is always so great to see the basketball guys; they really are some of the best people and I feel so lucky that my husband has such amazing friends.  Not only for him to rely on, but they are good to me too - and now to Grey!  We love them guys.

Uncle Jonny, Mike, Josip, Wahab, Daddy, Booboo, & Mark
While the boys drink and laugh about old times - the Basketball wives (VH1, we're waiting for our show offer) hang out and talk about upcoming wedding plans!  Aunt Ninny, Bojana (Josip's fiance) and I all chatted and laughed the night away.  Booboo was a real trooper and hung out all the way until after 10pm!  We crashed at a hotel with Uncle Jon & Ninny.  On Sunday, we met up with B's basketball coach and his family for brunch.  It was such a great weekend and I know Bud was recharged after hanging with his friends.

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