List lover...on steroids

Friday, May 1, 2009

So, a few posts down, I was talking about lists. I'm not kidding that I'm a list lover. Its actually kind of embarassing to even type this blog entry because of the extremely ridiculous amounts of lists that I create and keep around the house. These lists are found mostly in my planner or on my bulletin board. One of them is kept in a notebook that I add all my favorite quotations and is in our living room. I personally find it easier to get things done when I can cross it out and feel accomplished. So, in an effort to a) inspire others and b) truly show what a nerd I am; here are a few of the lists around our house...

"To do before 30th Birthday"

  1. visit Thailand
  2. Grow "Mermaid" hair
  3. Have a signature dish
  4. Go topless on the beach
  5. Learn to golf
  6. Learn to drive stick
  7. Become certified in CPR
  8. Become fluent in Spanish (again)
  9. Grow a garden
  10. Become a mother

"Shopping List (today)"

  • wedding gifts (2)
  • cards (wedding (2), sympathy (2))
  • Fly ty stuff (table, organizer)
  • PRINTER INK!!!!!
  • Book: East of Eden

"Ways to take advantage of Erie:"

  • Erie Times on Thursday = Showcase (local events)
  • Bayhawks Basketball/Seahawks Baseball
  • Chatauqua, NY...nice?
  • Erie Chamber Orchestra
  • Mercyhurst movie night
  • Tom Ridge Center = IMAX!!
  • Presque Isle
  • Waldameer <3>
  • Wine Festival in September!!

Books to look up:

  1. The Bonesetter's Daughter
  2. Lottery - Patricia Woods
  3. The Color of Water
  4. A Walk in the Woods
  5. The Zookeeper's Wife
  6. Peace like a River
  7. Bell Canto (spell check?!)
  8. Prayer for Owen Meenie (spch?)

Non-profit Checklist-To do:

  • Create a plan
  • Research competition
  • How will it measure success?

Brandon&Tabitha's Forever List (made in 2005)

  1. Take a gandala through Venice
  2. Surf in Hawaii
  3. Outback tour in Austrailia
  4. African safari trip
  5. See pyramids in Egypt
  6. French kiss at the top of the Eiffel Tower<3>
  7. run with teh bulls in Spain
  8. scuba-dive in the caribbean
  9. wine-tasting tour in Italy
  10. zipcord through the Costa Rican rainforest
  11. go to a rodeo in Texas
  12. Love parade in Prague
  13. eat real thai food in Thailand
  14. Carnival in Trinidad
  15. Gamble in Las Vegas
  16. Drink tequila in Mexico
  17. visit the Statue of Liberty
  18. Go to the top of the Empire state building
  19. bungee-jump
  20. visit Israel
  21. Go to a final four basketball game
  22. eat waffles in Belgium
  23. kiss the Blarney stone
  24. whale-watching in Alaska
  25. visit the Grand Canyon
  26. visit/drive through every state of USA
  27. sky dive
  28. travel the Amazon by boat
  29. visit Santarinni
  30. Oktoberfest in Germany
  31. Visit the Great Wall of China

"Green Me:"

"the to do list you can actually do" (from Real Simple Magazine)-on my bulletin board

  • Hit snooze
  • Shampoo, rinse, repeat
  • Forget to floss
  • Eat a bagel
  • Forget to put laundry in the dryer. Clothes can be permanently pressed (whatever that means) tomorrow!
  • Screen phone calls
  • See mailman coming and realize Netflix and bills are still on the kitchen counter
  • Get sucked into a movie on Lifetime
  • Grow anxious as Meredith Baxter murders the dad from 7th Heaven
  • Put off remaining duties while reading celebrity gossip
  • Decide for youself "Who Wore It Best"
  • Skip Pilates
  • Eat a burrito
  • Pick up The World Is Flat on nightstand
  • Read paragraph; put down
  • Leave eye makeup on
  • Lights out