superbowl sunday 2011

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

After spending most of the weekend in Washpa for Brandon's alumni basketball event at W&J, we were looking for a relaxing superbowl evening when we got back...even if our beloved Steelers were playing.  So we made the 3 hours trek back to ERie and got ready to hang out with my friend Jess and her sweet daughter Samantha.  Each time the kids see each other, the playing gets more cute and more aware of each other. 

Despite our hollering & cheering AND  fully supporting the Steelers in our fan gear..they were beat out by the Packers.  I hardly even paid attention to the commericials with all the cute baby watching.

Sharing is the best.

Grey's first kiss!  Don't tell Samantha's Daddy!!
 Before the game, I made a quick stop over to visit the Pioneer Woman blog and grabbed her recipe for mushroom&swiss sliders and fried onion strings.  They were delicious and even Grey gobbled them down.  The secret to the amazing burgers is adding heavy idea ever?  YES.  thank you - yet again Pioneer Woman.

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