Summah Lovin.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sunny skies and suntan lines here in Erie. We are loving the spring/summer/fall weather, I guess we'll just have to deal with the winter! haha. All has been going really well for us. We are still both working hard, but making time for each other and others too.

We planned a Surprise 50th birthday party for Brandon's mom in May. She was so surprised and we had a great turn-out. I couldn't believe how easy it was to get her to the location; she really had no idea. It was so great to see her face when she realized everyone was there for her! Then, she and I went to NYC for a weekend in June (from her husband) and got her hair done at Devachan (the amazing curly-girl salon). It was so much fun! (i miss nyc!)

We had my family stay the weekend for Kyle's graduation party. B, Dad, and Jordan all went fishing (duh) on Sunday and caught catfish. Brandon couldn't resist bringing home the monster of a catfish he caught. Everytime my parents are here, B is bringing things home to chop up on the back patio. Geez! He was so proud of the 15 lbs. of nasty. Eww!

We are in the midst of planning the Beer Olympics (coming up on July 11) and we will be donating goods to the food bank for our June kindness. The summer has been great so far. I am planning a date for tonight to have a picnic dinner at Beach 1 (Presque Isle) because they have free concerts on Wednesday nights. I really love that Erie has so many opportunites to do organized fun things in the summer! I'll post pics after our picnic/concert date tonight!!