2 week Thailand preparation list

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

have I told you yet...WE ARE GOING TO THAILAND!!  Like in March...for 2 weeks!!  hah.  It has been on our bucket list to visit Thailand and finally I just put my foot down and said, that's it, we're going this year.  Before the year even got started, our weekends started filling up with all kinds of fun things to do this year (weddings, wedding related parties, traditions, etc) so it turned out that the best time for us to go was going to be early in the year; which actually turns out to be a good time to visit Thailand anyway. 

Booboo will NOT be traveling with us and we are going to be missing him so bad, but we all could use this vacation.  Brandon and I could really use some alone time together away from everything.  Booboo could use some separation from his mummie since I'm basically the only one he sees 24/7 (and some separation from Bullet).  The grandparents could use some much needed Booboo face time.  So its a win-win-win situation.  Grey will be staying with one set of grandparents the first week, and then with the other set the next week.  By the time we get back- he isn't going to want to come back home; he'll be so rotten spoiled from his grandparents no doubt.

With the countdown beginning (only 16 days to go!!), we have quite the to do list.  Some are very specific, but other items on the list might be helpful ifyou are planning a trip soon.

To Do before Thailand
1. confirm house/Bullet sitter
2. alert credit cards and bank that we'll be out of the country for 2 weeks (this will ensure our credit cards will not be turned off for suspicious activity)
3. buy over-sized backpacks
4. finalize day trip confirmations
5. finalize hotel bookings
6. Copy itineraries and personal docs to give to grandparents
7. Read a recordable book for Booboo's valentine gift (so he can hear us read to him while we're away)
8. Get some traveler's cheques
9. double check electrical socket situation to ensure camera & phone chargers will work
10. learn more about turning our phone to global for 2 weeks
11. Learn some Thai
   a. buy Thai language flip book
   b. Memorize some key phrases (hello, thank you, where is the bathroom?, No thank you, Do you speak English?)
12. make a video for Booboo to post to the blog so he can see our faces while we're away
13. Check in with Ben (who's living in Thailand) to see if we can meet up
14. Find suggested packing list for March in Thailand
15. E-bank/schedule March bills
16. Ask Anna to feed cats & take care of mail while we're away
17. Get Bully's vaccinations up to date
18. Try to get Booboo to take his first steps before we leave
19. Send suggested Booboo grocery list to grandparents
20. Send Booboo's daily schedule to grandparents
21. Organize ipod playlists
22.  Pack for booboo
23. Pack for us
24. Finalize booboo drop off/pick up schedule
25. organize emergency information
   a. finalize last will & testament
   b. US Embassy in Thailand contact information
   c. purchase traveler's insurance
   d. pick up traveler's sickness prescription

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  1. Wow that's quite a list. You are so organized! But I guess you have to be for such a big adventure..