Our One Day Without Shoes

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

We had an exciting day at our house yesterday; spending the whole day barefoot while participating in the One Day Without Shoes movement with Toms Shoes.  (btw, did you know "Toms" is not actually the founder's name - his name is Blake - but "Toms" is an abbreviation of Tomorrow...i love that). 

Booboo was barefoot.

a barefoot breakfast!

Bully was barefoot...duh.

the Mumma was barefoot.

& Daddy left for work barefoot.

barefoot suit style
 Then booboo & I dropped off our taxes & picked out his birthday cake at the grocery store...BAREFOOT.  I had flip flops handy in case anyone forced to wear shoes in their business, but no one did.  I got a few confused glances and one woman exclaimed in the parking lot, "You're going to get pnemuenia!"  I had printed off one of the Toms Signs that said "April 5th, 2011.  One Day Without Shoes," that I'm hoping the glancers saw and then went home and googled and then learned more.  It was a lot of fun to participate, but when you're going barefoot and driving in Erie,PA in April - your dashboard looks like this.

I was so happy to hear from friends and family that also participated in One Day Without Shoes.  I got text messages from my in laws that both said, "My feet are freezing!"  And then I got these pictures sent to me throughout the day:

txt pic from my mom at work!  Teri Adams:  Johnstown, PA

Erin Weller getting ready to hike across campus:  Kent, OH
playing footsie!  Katie & Sophia Fiore:   Altoona, PA
Thanks for taking part and sharing your pics and stories with me.  I appreciate you for joining in on the fun - whether it was because you believed in the cause - or just because you were supporting me (hi, Mom!).  Love you guys.

Also, linking up with YouCapture in this week's category of "fun!"  Because I think its fun to do something out of the ordinary.  And I think its fun taking part in a worldwide movement.  And I think its fun to be united with people all over the country (friends and strangers, alike) for a single day towards a common cause:)


And you know...even though it was cold yesterday.  Thank goodness today isn't One Day Without Shoes - because this is what the weather looks like outside:

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