Barefoot Kindness!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Tomorrow is an exciting day that YOU can be a part of simply by going barefoot!  Toms Shoe's One Day Without Shoes event lasts all day tomorrow, April 5th around the globe.  The event is in an effort to raise awareness about the millions of people around the world who don't have access to shoes.  The hope is that by going barefoot, you'll raise curiousity in others around you, which will lead to questions, which will lead to investigation, eventually leading to support for organization.  See more information here!

Or watch this promo video and be inspired:

Greyson and I will be participating in the One Day Without Shoes.  (I'll update with pics after tomorrow.) 
If this blog post inspired you to participate - take pictures of your day going barefoot & email them to me at:  studerteam(dot)tabitha(at)gmail(dot)com and I'll include them in Wednesday's post:)

B is a suit-wearing business man all day, so he's promised to go to and from work barefoot (but he'll have to wear his shoes during the work day...considering he works in grocery stores which kind of appreciate hygiene from the district manager, hah) - but since he'll sort of be cheating all day, he's agreed that we can buy Grey a pair of shoes from Toms Shoes....because, with each shoe purchase from Toms Shoes - a pair of shoes is donated to someone in need.  The motto over at Toms Shoes is "One for One" which makes me want to cry of happiness. 

booboo's shoe order:)  Navy Canvas Tiny TOMS

So if you aren't able to participate by going barefoot tomorrow - check out the selection here for your regular shoe-wearing days:)

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  1. In New Zealand wearing shoes anywhere, and everywhere is optional! You can go to the mall, restaurant, park without shoes. In some settings it makes me cringe that parents would really allow their young children to go without shoes. (For sanitary reasons) To say the least, the "No Shoes, No Shirt, No Service" rule does not apply here.