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Friday, April 1, 2011

ah!  Brandon has fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinally come to his senses and has agreed with me that what we need is a new puppy!! 

Pic of our new pup (from the breeder), Pequenita (tiny in Spanish)
I have been talking with a teacup yorkie breeder named Sharla for about a month (behind Brandon's back) all the while trying to get B to agree that we should get another dog.  Here were my arguments:
1. Greyson needs his own puppy; just his size!
2. Bullet is always trying to be a lapdog, we should have a real one
3. Once Bullet adjusts to the new dog, they will be able to play together
4. I seriously have an obsession with dog clothes, and Bullet is too big for them - but not Pequenita!!
5. The cats will probably learn that dogs can be nice and friendly once they see a dog their own size!

So finally, B has agreed that it would be good idea and Sharla said the Pequenita will be ready to be picked up in just two weeks!! Just in time for Easter - yay!  For now though, Pequenita is living with her two brothers and sisters at a farm in northern Ohio until she can come home to her mum, dad, big human brother, big dog brother, and two big cat sisters.  omigosh, i'm sooooo exciteddddddddddd.

do you think i'm really that insane of a person?
happy april fools!!


  1. Hahaha! Oh my God, when I read this I was like "Holy crap, this girl is out of her mindddd!" But then I saw the fine print. You totally got me!

  2. Best blog post ever.

    I definitely fell for it... which I guess says that yes, I thought you were a little insane :)


  3. hahaha tab. i was like, um, really?! a baby, a big dog, a full time job for both parents. sounds perfect to add another pup to the mix- who would notice, right? hahahah super duper good april fool's joke :)

  4. hahhha! So glad I got you guys...or maybe not because it wasn't too far fetched an idea to throw you off right at the start. Is it horrible that my mom texted me and was like, "WHAT!? are you seriously getting a dog" I need to apparently cool off on the wacky ideas. hah