curtain bags

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Ya know those plastic bags that bed sheets and curtains come in?  We'll we have a ridiculous amount of them saved up and being double duty-used around the house.  I know, hoarder?  maybe.  But they are really useful for creating packets of like-minded things.  They've got the handy zipper across the top to keep them closed up and always organized (no matter how many times I move them around)...which has been especially helpful in our packing up and moving phase.

Some examples of things we pack in these curtain bags:
Greyson's car seat "toybox" (some various toys that we keep in the car)
My scrapbook supplies
Greyson's toy collections (felt letters, crayons, balls, etc)

scrapbook supplies.  L:  stamps&punches  R:  stickers&adhesive type supplies

Felt letters a la Etsy

I love things that are easily doublely used.  So instead of trashing your next curtain or bedsheet packing bag - Reuse it to help organize your stuff! And if you need some to start you off - we have a some extra, hah.

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