Little Miss Bossy is grateful

Thursday, April 14, 2011

My sons birthday was exactly, perfectly, like I wanted it.
It was not because of me.

It was because my sisters and Jordan came up on Friday and completely turned a blind eye to the dirty dishes in the sink and the muddy pawprints on the floor.

It was because then they set up the maze of ball pits and initiated a grown up ball battle which was exactly what my husband and I needed after a long week of being adults with jobs and stress.

It was because then my sister decided to attempt to climb through the hole of my son's playset, which set me into a fit a laughing hysteria.

It was because on Saturday morning, they all ate french toast with pureed carrots in it without putting up any fight and even commented, "they're so fluffy!"

It was because my parents showed up on Saturday morning with pots and vats of pasta salad, ham bbq, and roasted red pepper soup that lasted the whole day so that I didn't have to cook.

It was because my inlaws showed up and acted like our sunroom redecoration was the most beautiful sight they'd ever seen.

It was because both sets of grandparents about fell over swooning over my son and kept telling me that he is so smart.

It was because they also let Greyson open his gifts early to lessen presents at the party.

It was because my entire family, grandparents included, had an all out ball throwing American Gladiator-style war that made everyone out of breath from throwing and laughing.

It was because our best friends showed up that evening with water bottles filled with moonshine and a case of beer.

It was because all 12 of us squeezed into the upstairs living room to talk and chat and giggle at Grey trying to walk.

It was because my sister shared a bottle of wine with me while we all played the most hilarious game of Apples to Apples until midnight.

It was because everyone took turns using the shower and no one complained if they had to sleep on the couch or floor.

It was because on the day of the party, no one got Grey out of his room when we woke up early from his nap (even though they all reallllly wanted to) because I asked them to just wait so he'd fall back asleep and be happy for his party.

It was because a bunch jumped in the car went to the grocery store to pick up his cake and balloons and soda and snacks at 9:30a in the morning.

It was because during the party, I said things like "Jordan, can you please get up and go tell everyone upstairs its time for cake?" and "Kayla, can you grab the camera to take a picture?" and "Tasha, can you go get me some more potatoes for Greyson?" and "Nin, can you go get Grey's juice?" and "Can someone get me a bottle for Grey?"..and they did it, no questions; no hesitation.

It was because when I came out of bathing Greyson after his cake, my mom and mother in law had most of the food put in the fridge, the counters wiped off, the dishes done, and his highchair cleaned.

thank you for making my son's first birthday party such a success.
And easy and FUN for us too.
we love you so much.

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