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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Our cousins Adam & Lea are amazing.  First, they're both ridiculously smart and good looking (hi, Amos & Lea!).  Second, they live in Hawaii.  Third, they let Bud and I stay with them on vacation (you can read about it here.) Fourth, and the most amazing of all - they helped set up a St. Baldrick's event - the FIRST EVER for Hawaii.  Oh, and this event alone has raised over $50,000. 

photo from st.baldricks website*
St. Baldricks is a non-profit organization that is commited to supporting the most promising research for finding a cure for childhood cancer.  Events are held worldwide where shavees commit to shaving their head while asking friends & family to support their commitment with a donation.  (Here goes my crazy brain again...but how much fun would it be to organize a St. Baldricks event for the summer...maybe combined with a Locks of Love event for the girls that are too nervous to go all the way bald.  -my cousin Lea is too BA for just cutting a little off - she's going full monty BALD!!)

photo from the St. Baldricks website*

Both Lea and Adam are going to be shaving their heads this Sunday (April 17, 2011) at the event as well.  Adam has a fro (like my booboo!) and Lea is a WOMAN.  Do you know how much guts it takes to shave your head as a woman?!  Like bald.  I just think they're amazing and want to tell everyone, okay.

Lea & Adam (with hair...but soon to be without!)

So, you want to donate?  Or just read more about the 97 people that agreed to also shave their heads (yes; I said they NINETY-SEVEN people have agreed to have their heads shaved!!  Men, women, and children!)  You can do all that and more by visiting their event page here.  Or Like their facebook page here.  If by some stroke of a miracle, you find yourself in Oahu this Sunday - stop on over to Dave & Busters to bid in the silent auction, sign up for the National Bone Marrow registry, or just stand in awe.  We love you guys & we're so proud to know you.

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  1. Oh my gosh, I can't believe she's going to shave her head! That is SO amazing!