your dad

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Dear kids,

They say 'the best thing a man can do for his kids is to love their mother,' and I agree with how important that it is wholeheartedly.  Your Daddy has this covered and part of the reason that I can get through the tantrums, whining, and constant demands of your sweet little hands is because I know your Dad loves and supports me unconditionally.  

But I would argue that maybe that's not the most important thing a man can do for his kids.  As your Dad has showed me, I believe the most important thing a man can do for his kids is to encourage them to love themselves.  

He's your dadda; the one that enthusiastically sings, "hey Gemmi!  Shake your booty!  Jump, shake your booty.  Jump! Jump! Shake your booty" while dancing along, shaking his butt in the hilarious way that Daddy does because he's never quite on-beat.  And he's your daddy who mentioned to me with a bit of worry in his voice that he knows 'nothing about hockey and I guess I'll have to learn it pretty quick,' when you, Grey, seemed to favor it above all other sports for awhile.  And your daddy, when we ever talk about if either of you will be left-handed and dad says that he'll have to learn how to do all sports lefty if that's the case - like there's no other option.

He's the daddy that asks, 'What's in your purse, Booboo?' when  you carry around the little bottle bag filled with action figures and tennis balls and he never discourages you from calling it a purse or never says 'boys don't carry purses' (which seems a rare thing to find in a man when you come from the country like we do).  He's the daddy that dresses you up, Gem, in a camo tshirt and a tutu skirt and helps you sneakily take the ribbons out of your hair when I'm not looking.  He taught you both how to drink from the hose, and ride the tractor on his lap, and drink milk from the jug.

Someday he'll be the Dad in the crowd wearing the 'I heart Cheerleading' tshirt, or the 'Chess Rules' headband, or have your # painted on his cheek, or drive around with the 'My kid is an honor student' bumper sticker- or whatever the hell else either of you decide makes you happiest.

Because he loves you just as you are.
He loves all the tiny, strange, goofy things that you each do and you each care about.  Those things that are all YOU.

Those things that someday you'll try to hide from your friends or crushes.  And then later in life when you realize those weird quirks are the things that you like most about yourself.

The very best thing about your Dad is that he just lets you be who you are.  Whoever it is you choose to be today or tomorrow or 20 years from now.

He loves to see your freak flags fly (as they say).
He just loves you so much, guys.

Sometimes, when you are fast asleep, and we lay in our bed - we'll whisper and talk about the day...but mostly about you.  And Dad will say, "I just love those babies.  It's crazy how much."

It is crazy how much.

If you ever doubt how incredible and beautiful all those weird, quirky traits that makes you- you are -- Go find Dad.
When you need a mirror that shows your best and proudest self -- Go find Dad.
When you need someone to jump and shake your booty with --  Go find Dad.

Happy Father's Day.
To my kids' patient, weird, amazing Dad.
We are so lucky that you are ours.

I love you, B.
(it's crazy how much).


  1. It's crazy how much I love you, your family, your blog. You inspire me to keep putting my family first and blog all about it. Happy Fathers Day All!

    1. Ah! Thank you Shelly. Honestly - right back at you and your family and your blog! hahha - Happy Father's Day to your Josh :)