What's in my Bag? -shoutout to UsWeekly

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The other day, Gem got a hold of my purse and dumped everything out.  Which, besides being just another mess that needed cleaned up, it also made me laugh to see all of the things that I was weirdly hoarding in it.  So, in UsWeekly fashion - here is:

What's in My Bag?

When it comes to her bag, Tabitha Studer, never knows what she'll find in there.  She told Team Studer, "Once I pulled my hand back out of my purse [a $20 grab from Ross's Dress for Less] and it was covered with sticky, melted fruit snacks that had apparently been fermenting for an unknown length of time."

So what other surprises are being housed in Tabitha's bag besides her $10 wallet (Kohl's), a back-up clip ribbon for her daughter, and a pack of Orbit gum [contained only one piece]?  "It's probably a pain in my neck [literally] to carry both my purse and the diaper bag, but with almost no part of my day private..I mean, seriously?  Can a girl go to the bathroom in peace? - I like to have something that I at least attempt to keep as just my own."  As you'll see below, Tabitha is fairly delusional about things that are solely 'her own.'

1. 3 old grocery lists.  "I just stuff them back in my purse when we're leaving the store since generally the kids are clawing at their throats to get out of there as quickly as possible.  It's sort of like my own personal collection of Milk Eggs Vodka," Tabitha told us as a quick look of shame passed over her face.

2. a pen.  Tab explained that its both handy for her to have but is much more helpful when they are waiting for dinner to arrive at a restaurant that doesn't have crayons.  'The kids use it to draw on the placemats...or occasionally on themselves...hahhah.  Wait, don't write that part."

3. a chapstick and a LipSmackers Watermelon lipgloss.  We noted at the time of the interview that each of them had a considerable chunk missing from the gloss.  "Oh yea, Gemma [age 15 months] eats those if she can get her hands on them," Tabitha mentioned nonchalantly.

4. a child-size Spiderman's mask.  We asked Tabitha if that was a sign that she's really fighting crime as a vigilante in the streets of Davidsville.  She seemed surprised to find the mask in there until she remembered it was because she confiscated it from her son, Greyson [age 3] after he repeatedly hit his sister in the face with it and allegedly shouted, 'You're a bad guy.  Spiderman will get you!'

5. roll-on Coopertone sunscreen stick.  She explained that its the fastest way to apply sunscreen last minute when they inevitably forgot to do so before leaving the house.  "There's nothing worse than a toddler with a sunburn," Tab chided, "Well, I guess that's a little dramatic - but it is pretty miserable."

6. movie ticket stubs (The Croods and The Purge).  When questioned why her movie choices could not have been more opposite, Tabitha informed us that both were for dates that she had recently been on.  "Greyson and I went to see the The Croods - I cried twice!  And my sisters, my mom, my husband, and I went on a date with my dad for Father's Day to see The Purge.  Not the best choice in movie for a holiday...[awkward laughing]..but we all wanted to see it, so it made sense for us to do so as a family."

7. a McDonald's Barbie doll toy.  Tab said this also acts as 'waiting' distractions for her kids when they start getting antsy.  When we asked her why the Barbie's hair was damp, after a dejected pause, she told us that her daughter had recently spent ten minutes dunking the Barbie in an out of her husband's water glass at a restaurant at the delight and amusement of herself and her brother.  "Whatever works, right?" she said with an exasperated chortle.


  1. Hey friend! I had a dream that I lived near you, and drove to your house for a playdate (just us grown up girls, though!) and man, we had a blast! Can't wait to do our Skype thing once I'm back in the bush!

    1. ah! how I wish it could be true:) And yes - definitely going to do our momma google hangout/skype date when you return to the north! Loving all of your summer fun - so happy for all of you. Keep enjoying the green:)