oh the times they are a changing..

Thursday, June 13, 2013

We have some big changes coming to our lives as of late.  In early May, Brandon was notified that the position for the Varsity boys' basketball coach from our alma mater high school was open.  After much discussion, soul-searching, brainstorming, and list-writing - he decided to apply for the job....and he got it!  It has been a dream of his since forever and we feel so blessed for him to get this opportunity to do something he loves with kids in a community that we care so much about.

We have also been overwhelmed with the congratulations and support from our community, family, and friends that have been so encouraging after hearing of Brandon's decision.  (thank you!!)  We have also been asked multiple times how we'll be able to manage this new adventure with Brandon maintaining his full time job, and with two young kids, and a house, and pets and, so on.  When we first starting talking about this possibility it seemed like this just wasn't a good time to take on such a big commitment.  But just like we have made decisions in the past - we try to remind ourselves that there very rarely is it 'a good time' to take on a challenge.  We truly believe that if you care about something enough - you'll find a way to make it work.  And that's what we decided - we do care enough about this!  Let's go Valley!

'Coach' Studer has already started by coaching the boys' in their summer league games and it nearly brought me to giddy tears when he came home after his first summer league game going on and on talking about the players and who surprised him and how he wants to push and encourage each of them.  I saw that fire in his eyes and no matter how hard it may be, come the real season in the fall - I am so grateful that he has the chance to do what he loves.

I also feel excited for the players - these young men who will have the opportunity to learn from and get to know my husband.  There will be young people that only ever know him as 'Coach,' and that makes us both so proud.  Booboo has even started calling him Coach occasionally and I honestly feel like we're taking a step towards the life that we are supposed to be living.  A life that we are doing what we love and reaching out to people in a way that we can provide guidance, support, and encouragement.  It isn't in us to march on just getting through the days in hopes for some time in the future when we have the time/money/luxury to love life - we want to live our dreams today.

Since we were already well in over our heads before Brandon became head coach - we've also made another very big, exciting, albeit a little scary decision.  I will be leaving my full-time job as of mid-July to stay home and get our life in order.  I am currently working on finishing out the school year with my customers (for those of you that don't know:  I work full-time from home as a Project Manager for an educational solutions company.  I work with school districts across the nation - mostly in the northeast - in regards to their implementation of our assessment products).

It's been something that Brandon and I have been discussing for some time now and something that we are so fortunate to be able to do from a financial standpoint.  Although our minds have been made up, it really helped put me at ease when after I made the announcement to my boss (a mom of three), she told me; "I can tell you as a mother, you will never regret this."  That was the final words that I really needed to hear (thank you so much, Stacey!) and I am as excited as ever to be starting this new journey as a Mom, Wife, and Woman.

With my new SAHM status upcoming, I have been noting lots of projects that need tackled (unpacking boxes that have been in the garage for two years yet being one of them!) but I am also hoping that it will allow for a little more time for writing - both on the blog, as well as getting started on my novel again.

Whatever sort of big changes and plans we decide to tackle no matter of the timing - we'll talk it out and get through it as a team.  And that fact alone makes me infinitely grateful.


  1. Congratulations to both you and your husband

  2. Congratulations and welcome to SAHMhood!!! You are going to love it and do us all proud! I am so happy for your husband that his dreams are coming true, and that you will be able to support him through being home and keeping things there under control.
    I can't wait to follow you on this adventure!