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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Our 5th annual Studer's Invitational Beer Olympics will take place in a mere 10 days and we are busy getting ready for the big event.  Tshirts have been ordered, to do lists are being checked off, and Rules & Regulations being edited.  It will be our fifth year holding the Beer Olympics to raise money for charity.  Fifth Year!!  For these past four years, we've been able to talk our friends and family into spending a hot summer day participating in hilarious games and drinking an extraordinary amount of beer all with the purpose of raising money for someone that could use a little support.  It makes me so proud to surrounded by everyone who helps make these big, amazing, and hilarious dreams come true.

This year,we have some exciting plans in the works.  A new game addition, new 'quick-points challenges', and some other surprises.  But maybe the most exciting addition to this year's Beer Olympics is our new pump up video recapping the last four years of events.  We reached out to Anchored Films  and they used their professional skill and comical insight to put together this awesome compilation of the photos and videos that we've captured at the Beer Olympics into one seamless film.   To say that we're obsessed with it would be an enormous understatement.

Disclaimer:  If you're at work watching this - turn down the volume! - also, you're at work watching this?

What is most amazingly fantastic about our Anchored Film (Like them here on facebook!) is that they perfectly blended the fact that the day is a bunch of fun, games and hilarity, but also that it is clearly a day of competing together for a greater cause.  That we spend the day making new friends, laughing, and competing with respectful sportsmanship.  Sure, we're a bunch of grown-ups drinking copious amounts of alcohol, but at the end of the day it's within the confines of safety and gracious merriment.

In past years, we've made personal donations* to both Make-A-Wish foundation and Miss Tay (a little girl from our community with hydrocephalus).  One of my favorite parts of Beer Olympics each year is during the awards ceremony when we announce again that we are grateful to spend the day playing and laughing all in honor of making a donation to someone in need.  You should hear the cheers and applause from our participants; it is truly a great day with an even greater meaning.  Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, to all of you who show up for some 'boozing for a cause'.  And a huge thanks to Anchored Films for making this video that perfectly reflects exactly what we hope our Beer Olympics stands for:  fun, friendship, and kindness.

[To share this video - you will need to use the direct link as it is set up as private on youtube.]

*personal donations are made to the organizations in our names on behalf of the participants, spectators, and event.  Make-A-Wish and Miss Tay in no way endorse our event, nor do we promote our event by using their name/organization.  


If you're interested in hosting  your own Beer Olympics (and we hope its for a cause!!) - here are the links to our 'official' game rules.  They are organized in the order that we play them.  Feel free to change, alter, or use as is.  Its all for fun, right?  Do I need to put a disclaimer here? Unfortunately-probably.

- Team Studer ( or Tabitha and Brandon Studer) is not responsible for anyone's actions after following or using our Beer Olympic rules & guidelines.  Each person is responsible for his/her own body and personal decisions.   If you decide to use our Beer Olympics rules & guidelines,  you are agreeing to take full responsibility for any actions, accidents, or injuries that may be caused due to using them.  Don't be stupid- but if you are, it's on you, man.-

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