The master bedroom update

Thursday, September 22, 2011

As mentioned in an earlier post, our first projects were to get the bedrooms painted and together so we could get back to normal sleep habits in the studer family.  Well, as always, I don't just make it easy; hey, I know what I like!  So I had Brandon paint over the already super light green walls with about two shades darker of light green (hah!  I'm the worst!!).  In the pic below, I was a little late on getting the "before" pic, so you can see the original green shade toward the bottom of the walls.  At this point, B was already setting up the laser-level to prepare for step2 of the process.

Once the laser level marked off the point that I wanted Brandon and Rudy to install a chair rail, we got to painting the bottom section of the room a dark green.  I stained the chair rail and Brandon and Rudy put it up with almost no trouble since we had the level laser (seriously, we love that thing - thank you, Uncle Matt for letting us borrow it!)  

And now our room looks like this:

It is a pretty big change from our bedroom in the our last house which was pale blue.  The green colors suit us well though, especially my husband since it feels sort of cabin-y in there.  It has turned out to be really cozy and sleep conducive.  Why the chair rail in the bedroom?  Really no other reason except that I love the way the look, especially with differing colors above and below them.

We also took the light green all the way into our master bathroom and transformed it from a boring bathroom with brown accents:

And updated it to a green and brown bathroom by painting the walls, adding some bath accessories, and a new shower curtain.  

 At some point, our master bath will need an overhaul (can you believe the brown sink counter & brown built-in shower!?)  But until we have the money and time for a project like that - we knew we had to work with what we had and choose paint colors that would complement it as best as possible.  Since the bathroom has been painted, we feel a lot better and the brown fixtures seem much less jarring when you walk in there first thing in the morning. 

Colors (both Sherwin Williams):  Clary Sage (light green) and Secret Garden (dark green)


  1. I'm in love with your bedroom! We painted ours sort of the same except using two shades of blue. I'd love it if I could get Andrew to put up the molding like you have. That is G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S!

  2. thanks Beck! Tell Andrew he needs to rent a laser level and then the chair rail is super easy to install:) miss you guys!!