Our first home transformation

Monday, May 9, 2011

Interested in seeing our house from when we bought it until when we're selling it?  Who doesn't love a good home reno slideshow? 
Time progression:  November 2009 - May 2011

Front Yard:  Before
 Updates:  Vinyl shutters, new landscaping, tree trimming, hanging baskets

Front Yard:  After

Kitchen:  Before
Updates:  Close previous entryway, re-paint

Kitchen:  After

 Living Room:  Before
Updates:  re-paint, re-tiled hearth, curtain rod, removal of blinds

Living Room:  After

 Basement/Man Cave:  Before

Updates:  re-painting

Basement/Man Cave:  After

 Nursery/Bedroom:  Before
Updates:  re-painting, curtain rod, carpeting

Nursery/Bedroom:  After

 Sunroom:  Before
 Updates:  un-carpeting, re-paint, re-trim, curtain rods, painted concrete floor, replace screens, re-grout

Sunroom:  After

Backyard:  Before

 Updates:  stain & waterproof deck, vinyl fence, landscaping, relocated firepit, updated shed, shutters

Backyard:  After

Master Bathroom:  Before
 Updates:  re-paint, new high efficiency toilet, new showerhead

Master Bathroom:  After

Guest Bathroom: Before
 Updates:  re-paint, new high efficiency toilet, curtain rod & curtain

Guest Bathroom:  After

Master Bedroom:  Before
 Updates:  expansion, carpeting, curtain rods, his&her walk-in closets, painting

Master Bedroom:  After

Foyer:  Before

 Updates:  Close entrance to back room, expanded entry way to kitchen/living area, tile floor installed, paint, addition of custom coat rack

Foyer:  After

Dining Room:  Before
 Updates:  Painting, new light fixture, expanding doorway

Dining Room:  After

Bullet:  Before
Updates:  potty training, becoming comfortable in his surroundings, eating anything in sight

Bullet:  After

...wait, how'd that last one get in there?

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