Uncle Jonny & Ninny get hitched

Thursday, September 22, 2011

this summer on July 16, Brandon's best friend, aka my second husband, aka Grey's godfather & "Uncle Jonny"

 married my lifetime sidekick, aka Grey's "Ninny."

The day had perfect weather, the bride was a vision, and the venue was gorgeous.  Brandon gave a speech as one of the co-best men that made everyone tear up and laugh,

 I ripped off the shirt of the bride's brother to expose his beater underneath during our entrance into the reception (please, we were just giving the ladies what they wanted),

and Grey danced his little 15 month old booty off.

Both of our families were in attendance since the Kochs are practically part of our families anyhow.  So we had babysitters to all sides of us and could let loose and enjoy the night.  Well Brandon could, at that point I was about a month pregnant so I enjoyed myself plenty shirley temples and frequented the cookie table.

Brandon and I were both honored to be in their wedding and are so happy for our favorite friends.  Happy ever after, Uncle Jonny & Nin.

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