Booboo's room

Thursday, September 15, 2011

One of the first rooms to get a paint job was Grey's room since we wanted him to get settled as quickly as possible; back in his own bed, back in his own room.  See, when we first transitioned to the new house - mum, dad, and boo were all sleep on air mattresses huddled in the corner of the living room downstairs.  Actually, that's not entirely true, Bullet was there too.  So as quickly as we could get back to our own beds and in our rooms was the first order of business.

The room designated for Booboo was pretty plain to start with:  (oh, but look at that beautiful ceiling).

Then we locked my momma in there (hah, just kidding) and she went to town until the whole room was painted.

Paint colors are Gulf Stream and Rally Green (both from Sherwin Williams)

The colors really do something positive for that wacky green carpet and makes all the brown wood pop.  The green strip runs across the entire room and makes it feel a little more expansive in there than before.  With the help of the leveling laser, it really wasn't anymore trouble than taping it all out.  If you are thinking about a project where you need straight lines, we definitely recommend either finding someone you know who has one or buying/renting one for the project.  We also used it for hanging the trail rail in our bedroom (update coming soon) and installing the wainscoting in the dining room.

Booboo seems happy to be back in his own room with his toys and space again.  Although, why is it that he looks like he's fifteen in this picture, like, 'mum, seriously- come on'

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