The toddler Outdoorsman

Monday, September 19, 2011

With our new house, we also got a very new big yard that also has an incredible view.  we're more lucky than we deserve, we know.  this abundance of land has turned my toddler into a full-fledged outdoorsman...(big suprise..just like his dadda).  Our days consist of the same exact schedule everyday, with changes only to the things Grey feels like exploring.  In the early afternoon, Grey wanders around outside exploring while mum does work and then after his nap and a snack, he does some more exploring.  

He's like night and day when he goes from "playing" inside to exploring outside.  I say "playing" in quotes, because when we're indoors "playing," it really means; whining, hanging on me, pulling snacks out of the cupboard -dumping them out- and stepping on every one, throwing things in the toilet and/or garbage can while saying "buhbye", throwing Bullet's food in his water dish, and chasing Bullet around with a hockey stick.  

But when we're exploring outside, he..
picks "apples" (pears)

He follows Bullet into new spaces, like in the pine trees at the curve of the driveway

He runs down the driveway screaming, "buuuuuuuuuuuweeeeeeee" (which means bully)
And he works on his "booboo agner" (booboo tractor)

He pulls holly berries off of the holly bushes in front of the house  

He takes quick swims with Bully

And he attempts daring feats, like balancing precariously on top of his motorized harley 

All of this outdoor exploring makes for some really great photography I'm good with my little outdoorsman.  keep imagining big, baby.

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