Visiting Love for baby Grey

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Greyson was very lucky to have another busy weekend of love and visitors.   My parents (Abba and Poppa) came to visit this past weekend and got in as much Grey baby-loving as they could.  Bullet even made out on the visitors- my dad took him for a walk every morning.  And I had such major cleaning help from my mom (thank you!) It was so nice having them here all weekend :)

And as expected, Grey got a whole lot of cuddling in with his Poppa Chum and Abba while they were here.

Brandon and I even got to go out on our first post-baby date!  We went to dinner at Hibachi; a Japanese place nearby.  I put on make up for about the first time in 10 months and Brandon was pleased with the results.  I'm fairly certain he forgot what his former wife looked was nice to get out just the two of us.

On Sunday, we had a very happy visit from Grey's great Grammar Studer and Aunt Pam.  They only stayed the afternoon, but we were so happy that Greyson finally got to meet his great Grammar.  Grey is her first grandson since Brandon!

 When Grammar got here, B went for a hug and she went straight for Greyson- it was priceless...Brandon "Kingboy" certainly lost the throne to his son.  He says its okay though since "Grey is pretty awesome."  hahha.

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