Bully & Baby G

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Even though we are holding our breath until Bullet makes it to the 2yr old mark (everyone keeps telling us that he'll settle by then), I am continually happy that Greyson has a buddy to grow up with in Bullet.  Greyson is about 9 months younger than Bullet, so they're both still puppies (hehhe)...but they are already great friends.

And here are the ways I can prove it:
a) Bullet predicted when Grey was going to be born ( see previous post! )
b) Greyson doesn't cry when Bullet barks
c) Anytime Bullet comes back into a room, he'll find Grey and give him a lick to make sure he's alright
d) If Bullet barks at something outside (neighbors, the garbage man, a bunny, etc); he'll run over to Greyson and I to make sure we are protected and safe
e) Even though Bullet's absolute favorite chewing items are binkies; he does not take a bink from Greyson...he only ever gets them when the binkie is sitting out.  Even if the bink has fallen out of Grey's mouth while he's in the swing and its sitting right there in front of Bullet's face; he will not take it off of Grey.
f) If Grey is crying and won't let up; we can sit him so he leans up against Bullet and he'll calm down

Even though Bullet drives us totally bonkers; I feel lucky we have a dog that loves our son as much as we do. Pets are the best:)

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