Greyson and Sophia..up in a tree

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

We were so lucky to have Katie and Sophia come all the way from Altoona to make a visit with us earlier this month.  It was such a relief to talk to a grown up that wasn't my husband for a whole day and a half. (no offense, babe).  We spent the time laughing, holding babies, and cleaning up spit up...nothing too exciting but exactly what I needed after full on immersion in mommyland for the first time.  No one understands all the bizarre questions and feelings like a best friend who has just gone through the same thing.  It was exciting to see Sophia doing so many cool baby things (like playing with toys & sitting up!) - kind of like a little preview of what is to come for Grey!

Grey and Sophia got along famously, and by famously I mean Grey didn't even know another baby was at our house and Sophia stared in a confused way when Grey started crying....I'm guessing thats the sure signs of soul  In any case, when put near each other, Sophia and Grey are like you can clearly see in the following picture- Sophia just wanted to reach out and kiss him...hehhe.  

Bullet was totally overwhelmed by another baby in the house, and by overwhelmed I mean he wanted to lick Sophia's clothes off and ran all over the house like a total loon.  He is certainly looking forward to Grey getting bigger since he almost lost his mind over Sophia's baby food....and then most definitely jumped up on the counter and ATE her bottle nipple and a bag of formula?!!  

Dear Kate,
Thank you for driving almost 4 hours to visit us!!  Our babies will no doubt be friends for life and, if I have anything to do with it; at least attend one prom together (aaaahhh! the pictures!).  I apologize for my dog's consumption of your things; he is quite obviously lacking manners and any kind of decency.  I hope you still enjoyed your visit despite having to witness Bullet's town of madness.  Please know that it meant the world to me<3
love & akt,

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