Happy Mother's Day!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

I've acquired a new holiday!  Mother's day was fantastic.  I woke up to a Mother's day card from Bullet, Lulu, and Jinx (thanks for feeding them) and one from B (thanks for the beautiful son).  Then before we left for church, I got a card from Grey and his gift to me...diamond earrings!  Brandon swears that I planned Grey's birthday on purpose because of the fabulous birthstone...but I didn't- promise:)  After church, we went out to brunch and Grey was a perfect angel.  Dinner was homemade pizza from B and Blue Moon beer (my favorite meal!) It was a fantastic day and lots of pampering.  I have a great husband who makes pretend cards from our family members that can't write yet...or don't have thumbs:)

Mother's day is a big deal the first time around because I have a new appreciation for my own mother...and all the other mothers in my life.  You never know how hard, exhausting, worrisome, exciting, and filled with hope and love motherhood is until you do it.  Thank you Mom, Marianne, Lisa's Gram, Megan's Gram, and Grammer...and all the other mothers that have influenced my life.  After 26 years of watching great mothering, and 1 month of trying to be a great mother; I have realized that being a good mother comes down to one thing.

A good mother is someone who loves.
Guess I'm a great mother, because I really love him.

Happy mother's day to everyone's mother.

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