thank you truck driver...

Thursday, May 6, 2010

It has been a lonnnnnng 10 months.  Let's just be honest- by the time Greyson arrived, I was huge, like HUGE huge...okay, there it's said.  Brandon just said this weekend, "Okay, babe, seriously that was a little ridiculous."  And I was like, "a LITTLE ridiculous?  that was out of control"  Granted most of it was water rentention and I lost 30 lbs in the first week since Grey's birthday (!!!) but still, that was a whole lot of Tab going on.  And I have not been feeling great about myself for awhile...I know, I doesnt' count when you're pregnant- but please I'm a counts all the time.

So I just wanted to send a thank you out into the cyber world to the truck driver that honked at me today.  I have not been honked at in (what feels like) a very long thank you sir for giving a postpartum woman a self esteem boost today :)

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