Shopping, Shellacking, & Shades

Friday, July 23, 2010

Hahhha, okay, it's not exactly shellacking, but I wanted some [sh] alliteration.  After spending a lot of time (and water!) powerwashing the deck a few weeks ago, Brandon spent most of last Friday staining our back deck and it looks great.  In the process of making it look great - the stain was also waterproofing!  It made a really big difference and I'm so lucky to have a hubs who slaves away in the bright sun:)

While the daddy was working at home on the deck, Mum and Baby went shopping!  The Plummer girls (Jess and Sammie) picked us up on Friday morning and we drove to meet the Oakes girls and the Stiffler family at the Grove City outlets.  It was a really sunny day and perfect for strolling around and dropping by every baby outlet possible.  It was so good to meet up with all my high school girlfriends & their kiddos...and in the process buy some really adorable (and clearance-racked) outfits for Grey.  Even though it was great day and the perfect opportunity for some cute baby photo ops - we all forgot our cameras in the car!  Plus, we had enough to juggle with all the babies, strollers, and shopping bags!

During the day, I was able to find some really cute baby sunglasses, but I really didn't know how G-man would respond to having something over his eyes.  Well, to my happy suprise - he loves them!  He wore them for the rest of the shopping trip and the whole drive home. 

Grey wearing his shades while hanging outside.

Now he wears them anytime we go outside in the sun.  He thinks he's too cool in his shades.  I don't know why my little baby thinks he is a grown up.  hah!

Grey wearing his shades on a walk.

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