June Kindness: One Car Family

Thursday, July 1, 2010

When I made this month's kindness a "one-car family" month, I was thinking it was going to be a breeze.  I work from home and with a new baby- where do I have to go anyway?  Well, this month's kindness has proven to be a challenge!  You don't realize how convenient it is to jump in the car and go until you don't have that option.  There was a lot of struggle to uphold the kindness for the whole month- but we did!  The only exception we made was for church (B had to work one Sunday) and I think the Lord might forgive that one:)

The struggles came up when we needed to do something while Brandon was at work...and since he worked  very long hours this month; there was a lot of struggle.  We needed stuff for Greyson's Baptism, but I waited until my parents got here to go with my mom.  And Jinx needed fixed, so Brandon dropped her off in the morning before work and then picked her up on his way home.   Luckily, Brandon was off on the day (by chance!) of Greyson's 2 month appointment, so we all went together.

Unfortunately with a new baby and a crazy pup, we didn't get the chance to test out any public transportation.  I still want to buy a bike though with a baby seat (Grey can almost hold his own  head up) and then teach Bullet how to run next to the bike.  Ambitious much?  most definitely.

I know it sounds dumb to struggle to keep up with something like this when we have a truck and jeep sitting in the driveway (B drives his work car), but the point of the 12 months of kindness is to do something out of the ordinary and to be actually be aware of the goal for the greater good (in this case, Mother Earth).  So, if we're not a least a little inconvenienced, what's the point of doing it at all?  I feel proud that we were able to stick with it even when it was harder than we expected.

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