July Kindness: 2nd Annual Studer's Invitational Beer Olympics

Thursday, July 15, 2010

We held our 2nd Annual Studer's Invitational Beer Olympics this past weekend in Johnstown at my parent's house/yard (thanks mum & dad!!) It was a huge success this year and we had so many participants were had double the number of teams that we had last year!  With all the participant fees, observer donations, and outside donations; we have raised $398 for the Make-A-Wish foundation (http://www.wish.org/) !  I am so thankful that we have friends and family that are willing to participate and attend our crazy events to help others.

The day started out with the traditional Sloshball party to get everyone introduced and comfortable with each other.  Players are then randomly picked for teams and then everyone happily (and eagerly) complies with their face paint...hah!  Team events are played the rest of the day. 

The beer olympics lasted from 2pm until almost 9pm this year!  We went through three full kegs (kicked them all!), almost all of the potluck food, lots of laughter, only a few disagreements with the refs, and hardly anyone got sick...(I said "hardly," heh)  We finish off the day with a very spirited awards ceremony, which includes sashes for awards like "Most Team Spirit," and "Keepin' it Classy," and "Puke 'N Rally."

The most coveted awards of the day; "Rookie of the Year" went to Sara

and "Most Valuable Drinker" went to Jon.

..both players for the championship team:  Team Potter

Thank you for everyone who was willing to risk a very beer-filled belly to help raise money for the cause.  We can plan all the events that we want, but it won't do anything if we don't have others willing to take the time to attend- so thank you for joining us!  We had a great time and hope you did too.  Training for next year's beer olympics can begin immediately:)


  1. Hi. I'm thinking of hosting a beer olympics this year, being the real olympic season and all. Besides sloshball and flip cup, what other events were there? I'm trying to get some ideas. thanks!

    1. Hi Kelly,
      I just posted about this year's beer olympics here: http://studerteam.blogspot.com/2012/07/4th-annual-studers-invitational-beer.html it outlines all our events and I even included a link to our 'official' rules. Hope it helps:) Good luck!