Independence Day

Thursday, July 15, 2010

We were very lucky to have Abba and Aunt Uch make a visit on the Friday before the Fourth to babysit Grey while I drove to Pittsburgh for a work meeting. 
 Bullet also felt very lucky to have two extra people to lay all over and perform tricks for treats for....he's a guest-hog.

On Saturday, we took a trip to the Plummer's house for their annual fourth of July picnic and had a great time.  Greyson actually stayed awake for his second "date" with Samantha.  It is always so fun to see babies a little older than Grey to see what's in store for us in a couple months.  Sam can sit by herself and pull herself up to stand!  I can't wait for Grey to be able to reach out to be picked up though<3 Sam did that a few times and it made me pretty excited for the future:)  We had good food to eat and plenty of good friends to talk with.

On Sunday,  after church, we picked up a little pool for Bullet and Grey and Brandon set up a little outdoor haven for us to celebrate Independence Day.  Bullet was absolutely in love with the pool and got right in, right away.

Grey and I even got in a few times (it was really hot).

I tried out Grey's new swimming trucks, but they were a little he went commando most of the day.  I think he was pretty happy and comfortable about it!

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