Around Here Week 41: 10/06-10/12

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

A glimpse into what it is like to live in our home just this minute.

Intentional Outdoor Hours:  663+ hours (of 1000)
Up 11 hours this week as we all soak up this October beauty. The trees are all switching over to their brilliant colors at different rates and the babies cannot wait until we get enough leaves in the yard to build a pile to jump in. The mornings are chilly and then the afternoons are gorgeous and then it cools off in the evenings - yeah, perfection.

Reading and finishing Children of Eden by Joey Graceffa which I borrowed from my student, Emily (thank you!). I also read This is Where it Ends by Marieke Nijkamp in 12 hours! And thank you to another of my students, Kalese, who let me borrow this one!

Singing happy half birthday to our nine and a half year old Greyson Booboo!

Meeting with Gemma's teachers and a team of other support staff to determine how we can all work together to get her to be successful in specifically Reading and Language Arts. I am so very grateful to have such incredible teachers that care so much about her and can see and recognize all the incredible things she can do while still supporting and encouraging her in the ways she struggles with language. (I love you, honestly). We are going to be working on some small ways to support her in the interim, while we wait for her evaluation that has been scheduled for November so we can figure out what it for sure going on.

Bringing home our new tractor - a zero turn! B is pumped and I'm thrilled to no longer have to deal with our other tractor that was seemingly busted every other week. (ughhhh) I haven't driven it yet and might not ever because I already feel like I'm going to go to fast and run over all of our chickens (!?)

Walking a contractor through our house and telling him about our hopes and dreams for expanding the kitchen/dining room to open it up to a great room. Big dreams over here, but we will see!

Fall Festivus celebrating at Abba & Chum's house. Violet and Rusty spent most of the day at their house eating good food and playing outside. Gemmi and I went over for a little while after the football games, but I was pretty tired and we headed home for a solid night's sleep.

Fall Sporting with our last two regular season games! We played Portage on Sunday and then Rockwood the following Saturday (both wins! undefeated seasons for all three divisions!) B and Grey had two football practices and the girls and I had our last practice with a little surprise from all the parents who supplied snacks for a little picnic. Always bittersweet to end the season, but I am looking forward to slower weeknights and weekends!

Teaching the novel El Capibara con Botas chapters 1-4 to Spanish 1, Spanish 2 started their novel Tumba Chapters 1-4, and Spanish 2 Honors learned about los llanos de Venezuela, and the legend of El Silbón in preparation for their next novel, El Silbón de Venezuela. Spanish 3/4 Honors finished their Frida Kahlo-inspired self portraits and watched the movie Selena to end their Hispanic Heritage month including a food day on Friday!

Making breakfast sausage casserole, pot roast with potatoes and carrots in the crockpot, chicken & pea mac& cheese, and Korean beef over rice with broccoli. I also made two pumpkin rolls for Booboo's half birthday.

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