Grandparents day 2012

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Dear kids,
I just want to tell you how lucky you are.  You are lucky in a lot of ways actually, but one way especially- and that's because you are blessed with four grandparents and two great grandparents.

You can already tell how fun it is to have grandparents like Abba and Chum, and Gigi and Pappy Butch, and Mimi, and Pap Pap.  They buy you fun surprise toys, and send you mail to our mailbox, and teach you new things like how to use an electric drill and how to feed turkeys.  They feed you snacks and candy, and make your favorite foods when you visit, and give you all the chocolate milk you could ever want.  When you cry they want to hold you and kiss you and squeeze-squeeze-squeeze you.  When you see them, they are always smiling and laughing, because just seeing you makes them happy - even if you are being a little bit naughty or even if you're tired and crabby.

But its not just the fun that you makes you lucky.  The thing about grandparents, kids, is that just like daddy and I, their love for you is all encompassing and never-ending.  They try to tell you - Abba says, "I love you more."  And Mimi whispers in your ear so only you can hear, "I love you."    And Gigi says, "I love you all the way to the moon, all squished down." But words can't express a love like they have for you.

It is something special to know as a mumma, that daddy and I have six people that would protect our babies with the same tirelessness and fierceness as we would.  Their love for you is unselfish and unconditional.  That's a fancy way of saying that they would stand up to a fire-breathing dragon for you and not even be scared for one minute.

I have tears in my eyes thinking about the love that your grandparents have for you.  They are a part of you - they are your family.  And you are some lucky kids because of that.

love forever and ever, even when you're so big,

happy Grandparents' day to my kids' grandparents.

My gratitude
for all the things you have and will teach them
and for all the ways you are there for them
is as deep as the sea.

Abba, Chum, and Pap Pap

Gigi, Pappy, and Mimi

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