August 2012 Superlatives

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Its that time again, and by 'that time again,' I mean when I randomly assign awards to various moments of our month by a way of encapsulating our lives that are seeming to move by entirely too quickly.  Is it just me and my mid-life crisis - or is time passing by quicker now than ever before?

August was a whirlwind - as most months are these days.  It was a great month - and my birthday month!  We completed big tasks, introduced two new members to our family, and made our backyard a water park.  Here's looking at you, August 2012:

Most appetizing pet:  (that was kind of inappropriate, but seriously..).  We introduced two new pets to our family this month - go ahead, please feel free to call Animal Planet's Animal Hoarders show immediately and nominate us - we've now got two shrimps!  With the purchase of a much needed bigger fish tank for our ever-growing (and never dying) fish, we decided to go ahead and toss in two shrimps too.  Greyson named them Mustard and Custard and they are big hits at our house.

Best pinterest project completion:  we created a children's art gallery in the playroom to display the kids' masterpieces.  It was super easy and we didn't pay a penny for it since we had everything we needed already (using two scrap pieces of wood, wood glue, and clothespins).  Thanks to this pinspiration - we wow'ed up our playroom and made it easy to rotate in new pieces.

Best Pinterest Recipe Success:  grilled pizza.  just so good.

Most obnoxious Daddy-is-a-big-kid proof:  Brandon couldn't help himself when this GIANT blow up waterslide got marked down at his store.  So we were able to have a mini-waterpark in our backyard for Grey and our cousins (Ariel and Gracie).  It was well received with screams, giggles, and enthusiasm.  And then Brandon went down it.  And this is why he is my best friend. (please forgive the awful quality of my video proof of Brandon's acrobatic skills).

Sweetest duo:  Gemma & Lila; baby BFFs.  We had a visit and dinner with the Stahls and the cuteness of our girls together was almost too much to bear.  Add in the fact that Lila and Gemmi were wearing matching outfits - it was just about as darling as it gets.  Grey tried to get in on the fun by making the girls laugh, but it was really just about adorable faces, hair envy, and babbling.

Most firm division of our house:  boys v. girls in the great backyard campout.  All the boys (Dadda, Grey, and Bullet) slept outside in the tent, while all the girls (Mumma, Gem, and Trixie) held down the fort in the house while they completed one of our summer to do tasks.  It was short lived though, as we all joined forces again in the morning when we had breakfast around the campfire.

Worst face plant:  Gemma toppled over while sitting on Grey's toddler bed and knocked the bridge of her nose off of the safety rail.  The bruise was visible almost immediately and lasted about five days.

Mr & Mrs Fancy Pants:  Brand and I while attending our friends', Jayann & Jim's, wedding in Pittsburgh.  We got dressed up in clothes that didn't have our children's bodily fluids on them - which is honestly quite a rarity.  (Congrats to Mr & Mrs Christiana!)

Best brunch:  hanging out with some of the w&j crew during brunch having a mini reunion.  We got to chat and catch up over eggs sandwiches and coffee - what's better?  We are always glad when we get a chance to introduce our kids to examples of what good friends are.

Best out-of-town visitor:  speaking of reunions!  Sara "Momma" Weaver was having a family reunion in Western PA and made a short trip over to our neck of the woods to visit with the kids and I.  We played volleyball together in college (co-captains!) and its been four years since we last saw each other.  We appropriately spent the morning laughing and drinking mimosas.  kind of the best morning ever.

Best workout gear:  Gemma's leg warmers while she does her frog hops in the jumperoo.

Sometimes good intentions just ain't enough moment:  When I found out I couldn't donate blood for another few months since we traveled to Thailand.  Luckily, Tash still went ahead and donated :)

Happiest pups:  our dogs after we took them for a long walk and swim with my dad.  

Best Efficiency Upgrade:  Being able to put both kids in the car driving seat in the grocery cart.  Gem is big enough to sit up now which leaves much more room in the cart without having to haul her baby car seat around in the basket.

Cutest little sweetheart honey face:  My sister's new kitty, Miles!  Kayla and Ryan adopted the sweet little guy from Fur Kid Rescue and he is just a little lump of sweetness.

The 'go on with ya bad self" award:  me!  when I ran, jogged ,jog-motion'ed the entire 5k Color Me Rad run the day before my 29th birthday.

Best feel-good ever:  My 29 acts of Kindness birthday day long celebration.

Best signature pose:  Gemma's one hand up to her head move.  I don't know why or exactly when she started doing this...but she's been doing it when she smiles and is feeling confident.  This girl is already up to no good.

The 'takin' care of business' award:  Greyson when he sets up his 'work desk' near mine on his day care day offs and does his own form of 'work.'  Like using kid scissors to cut pieces of paper into a million shreds.  Or using a glue stick as chapstick.  He's a really hardworking, productive toddler.

Best 'I love being a mom to these babies' moment:  When I spied Greyson making Gemma laugh in their little turtle tent that morning.  As far as I can remember, this was the first time Gem laughed about  something she thought was funny (versus being furiously tickled).  I love these kids sometimes.

Ah, another month zooms by.  I hope you enjoy my monthly recaps because its therapeutic for me to get down all the little random parts of our days that get jumbled up in the big moments.  It helps make me feel like I can take a quick snapshot of what our lives are like right now and maybe hold a piece of it forever:)

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  1. Love the pics and the stories. Such beautiful and happy children. I love your blog! :)