thank YOU! Thursday: Someone who is present

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Dear Karpy,
You are one of my very best friends.  There was a time that we shared the same home.  You were steps from me; down the hall.  Once I instant messaged you from my room, "I can hear you coughing."  And then I could hear you giggling when you read it.  Living with you (and Kate!) are some of my favorite memories.  ever.

We currently live 182 miles apart.  (Yes, I googled that).  Which is a distance that is soon to grow even more in about a month (yay for your new house!).

Despite the miles, we are still best friends.  You recently facebooked me, "I smell like tonion," after we met for lunch halfway.  You couldn't hear me, but I bet you knew I was giggling when I read that.  I'm glad we still think the same stupid stuff is funny.

The truth is, most of the reason we are best friends is because of you.  Because you are the kind of person that sends snail mail on half birthdays.  And the kind of person that leaves voicemails of your whole carpool screaming and congratulating me on learning our first baby was going to be a boy.  You're the kind of a person that brags about my kids while pointing to their pictures that are hanging up in your office cube.  The kind of person who plants a sunflower seed you got from my baby shower and periodically sends pic text messages of how much its growing.  The kind of person that asks what my toddler's favorite foods are so you can make sure to have them when we visit.  You're the kind of person that drives 3 hours to hang out for the afternoon and grab lunch.  

With you, Karp, no matter how far apart we live - both in physical distance or lifestyle - you make a point to be present in my life.  You are a presence in my life; in my family's life.

But the thing is, I know that I'm not the only one.  You are present in so many people's lives.  That's why you have so many friends and your summer weekends get swallowed up in weddings every year.  Its why we had to rent a whole cabin at Deep Creek for your bachelorette party to fit all of your closets girlfriends, all of whom consider you a best friend.  You don't just come and go in anyone's life.  You come and stay and set up shop and remember their favorite songs and call them - not text or email - actually call them, regularly!

Karpy, you are a present; a gift, to so many people.  I hope you know that.

Even more than that, I hope you know that you are family to us.  And I feel so fortunate to have you be present in my life.

akt fo lyfe,
i love you,

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