May wrap up

Thursday, June 14, 2012

I'm handing out some awards from our fun in May to help wrap-up the month, since there is no way I'm going to be able to cover everything we did during the month in individual blog posts, boo.  So hang on to your hats (yep, there's even an award for those) cause here we go, 

Bounciest:  Gemmi
She's finally big enough to try out her door jumper (Evenflo Classic Johnny Jump Up, Frogs) and her exersaucer (Baby Einstein Musical Motion Activity Jumper).  She loves being upright now and she is ready to start moving like her big brother.

Best surprise present:  my mother's ring
The kids (aka Brandon) surprised me with a ring with both kid's birthstones in it for mother's day.  I'm in love with it.

Most spontaneous playtime:  Greenhouse Park playground
On the way home from Grey's daycare one afternoon, we spontaneously stopped at the new playground they just put in at our beloved Greenhouse park

Most determined:  Kate, me, and the Altoona Art Festival.
This was our second year attempting the Altoona Art Festival with the kids.  It was also the second year that we barely made it out with our sanity.  The kids are still a little too young to appreciate any of the vendors or children's tents - but we keep trying.  Is it the prospect of funnel cake that keeps pulling us back?  Perhaps, but we like to think its because we want our kids to be surrounded by culture.  At least the pond and the ducks never get old.  After a toddler battle royale over a rubber snake, a full blown meltdown in the children's tent, and weather way too hot to be carrying babies (either on our hip, or in Kate's belly), we commented on our trek back to the car, "it could have been worse - no one fell into the pond, so we have that to feel successful about."  

Sweatiest:  Dadda after the Steeler Charity Basketball game
Brandon got a chance to play in a charity basketball game in Somerset against the Steelers (as in our favorite NFL team, THE Steelers).  It was a game to raise money and awareness for a local non-profit; Jaeger and Friends dog park.  We were really proud to see Dadda play, especially against some of our Steeler favorites like Charlie Batch and Antonio Brown.

Best headgear:  Gemma's floppy sun hat.
She's been sporting that hat all around this town and probably will continue to do so through the rest of the summer.  Hey, handy & adorable?  Worth every penny from that clearance bucket at Gymboree!

Second place:  Best headgear:  Automotive funnels
Grey saw these in Lowes and said, "Look, Mumma, party hats!"

Third place:  Best headgear:  Aunt Uch's college graduation cap
In case you haven't heard, we were proud to celebrate my baby sister's graduation from Lock Haven University:) 

Most likely to harvest the West Nile disease:  our baby pool
hahah, just kidding about the award (although we do have a habit of forgetting to dump it out at night...)  The kids and dogs got a chance to wade around in our baby pool well before most regular sized pools were opened.  Hooray for summer!

Most patriotic:  Memorial Day
We celebrated our Memorial Day by stopping by the cemetery to visit my grandfather's plot and Brandon's great grandpap's plot to give our thanks to them for serving in our miliarty.  Then it was on to Gigi & Pap Pap's house to celebrate with our whole family (including Abba, Chum, Uch, and Kevin too) poolside with some good 'ole fashion barbeque'ing.  shout out to all men and women who have served for our country.  thank you for being brave, especially though to my sister (Aunt Kitty); our Uncles, Cousins; grandfathers, and friends.

happy birthday Gigi

Most Likely to be caught with his pants down:  Booboo
We started potty training this month and Grey is doing fairly well.  He prefers going 'potty outside like Dadda.'  Good thing we live in the country, my friends.

Biggest loser:  my head
I cut over 11 inches of my hair off to donate to Locks of Love.  Its on my summer goal list to go "pixie" so check that one of the 'ole list.  As an update to how I'm feeling about it:  ugh oh, I'm loving it.  Like maybe never having long hair again?  Boys are on to something with this short hair, ladies.  Not having to adjust a ponytail all day is like a miracle.

Most Likely to find its way to Pinterest:  our Mother's Day aprons
We got the kids (and grown kids) involved to craft up aprons for me and our moms on Mother's day.

Most likely to be accused of narcolepsy (by the pictures in my May photo album at least, sheesh): my kids
What can I say, babies look like angels when they sleep.  And who doesn't want to look at pictures of angels?

Sickest:  our Booboo
Our poor little man suffered through a whole weekend of a combination platter of Gianotti-Crosti (think hand,foot,&mouth but blisters all over) AND cutting his first back molar.  Goodness.  it was horrible to see him suffering.  Blisters in his throat were stopping him from wanting anything to drink or eat and we came about 2 inches from taking to the ER over Memorial Day weekend before he finally agreed to eat 3 Popsicles in a row.

Most deserving:  our 2012 CV Studer Scholarship winners
We chose two winners for our scholarship this year and were proud to be able to give away the award at the annual senior banquet. 

It was a good month for us, over here at the Studer's...albeit busy (and sometimes downright exhausting), but we made it through - as a team, like we always will.

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  1. Oh my! Love the picture of Daddy reading while Grey is on the potty! Priceless!