Baby Gemmi Bear softens our edges

Friday, June 1, 2012

Can I just publicly announce that I'm head over heels in love with our sweet little pumpkin head angel daughter?  Was that enough pet names to use in one phrase for her?  Can I please use another question mark in my opening paragraph?!?

Excuse my obnoxious writing today, but that's how our Gemmi Bear makes me feel; she makes me feel like going "eeeeeeee!!" Which if you know me personally, that's the sound I make when I a)find out someone is pregnant b)see kittens c)listen to someone's wedding proposal story d)watch a youtube video of a flashmob.  In short, I squeal like a piglet when I can't handle the cuteness.  And let's just be honest, my baby girl honey child is a whole lot of cuteness.

But if we were just dealing with a pretty face and pudgy fingers and adorably chubby baby thighs, I would be able to reel in my infatuation to write a proper blog post, but our girl has got a sweet personality to go along with that face and truth be told, when she smiles at you - you see stars, my friends.  And that girl almost always has a smile waiting for us.

She's been smiling from the first week, honestly.  When we were back at the hospital when I was sick, the nurses kept commenting about her baby smiles - one nurse even said, "that's no gas smile, that's a certified real baby smile!"  

Somehow we have seemed to soften our edges around our house since her arrival.  Let's face it, before she arrived we were all slobbering big dogs, rough and tumble two year old boy with his dump trucks and hockey sticks.  But it seems we haven taken a slight turn down a path that's a little less harsh and a little more consciously gentle.  

Maybe its all her pastel little headbands and floppy hats framing those big baby blues.

Or maybe its her little lollipop head at the top of all those frilly, polka dot outfits

Or maybe its those cheeks.  gah, those cheeks.

Or maybe its a combination of all those things and her sweet little voice that captures all of our attention when she coos out to us, "a gew."  She has already made our lives a little sweeter with her sugar and spice and everything nice.  

Thanks for giving our wild life a little balance baby Gemma Bear.  Someday when you're grown and you read this (I hope you will), read this post and know that even at just 3 months you were already shaping the lives around you for the better; for the sweeter.  You've got the power to move mountains, Gem; to make the callous a little softer.


  1. Seriously did not even want babies until reading this post. GIMME.