The adventures of SuperAbba and the almost helpless prego

Sunday, August 14, 2011

My mom had a week's vacation saved up and so clearly that meant that instead of going somewhere beautiful by the ocean, she opted to come to Erie with her daughter and grandson.  Seems nice, right?  But wait, did I not mention that the goal of the week was to pack our entire home?  And that I'm pregnant and mostly worthless when it comes to lifting and/or pushing.  And that I was working all day.  And that we have entirely too much stuff.  But then apparently my mom (who is a grandma, by the way) turned into a superhero and packed up my whole house.  Ridiculous, you say?  You need proof, you cry?  I got your proof my friends.

is that a plane?  a bird?  no, its super Abba, folks. 

We also called in a few reinforcements that week, but it was mostly super-Abba that packed everything.  Aunt Kitty came up one evening after work and helped load up the basement, including about 35 pounds of computer cords and wires, and an obnoxious amount of liquor bottles and wine glasses.  Baby Kevin came over to help super-Abba PUSH the battery-dead Jeep out of the garage to make room for more packing boxes. (he's not a baby at all, in case you're thinking about calling child services).  And yes, I said Super-Abba pushed a Jeep out of the garage.  Do you see, superhuman, seriously.

We also got a visit from our fav ERie friends, Jess and Samantha.  Grey and Sam played and shared a QUARTER of a watermelon(!!).  They also took a little swim together and it was adorable to see the kids and refreshing to catch up with Jess.

After a full four days of packing, boxing, taping, and other strenuous activities; we played a game of packing tetris with the bed of the truck and the jeep and headed the three hours back to Johnstown.  On Friday, after much stress and panic, we finally secured our closing meeting and I headed up to the lawyer's office to meet Brandon for the new house ritual of "the signing of a trillion papers."  ..It was hot.

While signing the papers, I got a text message from Tash; she was heading over to our new place right after work, and her text message said, "hi.  I'm here.  and I got in.  nice house."  So while I was stifling a cackling laugh in our closing meeting because my baby sister apparently broke into our new house, we kept up with the signatures until we finally got our new keys!  After two months of living like gypsies (and not the romantic, hip gypsy living that initially comes to mind...I'm talking mostly dirty, wrinkled clothes, aching back for your own bed kind of gypsies).  It was a long awaited, good day.

And then Grey got to eat in his new house and he agreed it was a good day too.

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