hello world, i'm back

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

hi readers,
i'm back.  we have the internet again and a new house, and a new laptop(!!), and some semblance of normalcy and now i'm back.  i hope you're still here.  cause i kind of need ya.  i kind of need to get all of this pent up annoyance out of my heart and my head and out into cyber space so it will leave me alone.  something about writing just makes me feel like i've unpacked and that feels refreshing.

the thing is that our life is so beautiful and lucky and fortunate and yet i can't shake this feeling of being totally freaking annoyed and tired.  it could be because we just bought a new house (three weeks ago) and still have three-quarters of our stuff in the old house in erie (and another eighth of stuff in the chalet at blue knob).  it could be that my toddler, walking, loud, needy, whiny son is so insanely in the behavior of conquer and destroy that i literally googled today, "why are boys so destructive?" just to make sure i wasn't the only one trying to raise the next conan the barbarian (update:  i'm not the only one apparently).  it could be because i'm harvesting and growing another little seedling inside my ever expanding uterus.  it could be because bullet chases our cats around the house until they literally crap on the floor (don't get me started).  it could be because it has rained everyday for the last four days...I'm actually sitting on a covered stoop outside typing this and just letting grey and bullet get wet because i'm tired of cleaning up ripped up pieces of cardboard in the house.  (go ahead and guess who is ripping it up...you'll be wrong). It could be because we don't have one single room finished in the house but about 15 projects all going on at once and its driving this very organized, very project-goal type lady over here totally bonkers.  

but being a crabby, grouchy downer is not my style.  seriously, how much of a crybaby do i sound like right now?  so, instead of writing in my gratitude journal tonight (yea, i'm a nerd and i do that), here would be my entry.

today i'm thankful for
1. hot tea
2. our big yard that doesn't need a fence for bullet
3. wireless internet
4. talking to my mum and uch on the phone
5. fact or faked paranormal files marathon on syfy (not kidding)
6. getting access to my new work laptop and email (fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnally)
7. super productive work day
8. b said he'd bring home dinner
9. greyson laughing at "stinky feet"
10. clean floors

i like to be very specific.  heh.
thanks for listening.  i'll be back to post new stuff, old stuff, pictures (!!), and updates.  unfortunately due to camera/computer/any technological problem possible, i will probably not be posting in chronological order.  please bear with.

anyway, i've missed you,

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