Studerbaby 2.0

Thursday, August 11, 2011

So, if you haven't surmised from our title picture, we're baking another Studer seed over here in the uterus de Tabitha.  Which is very exciting and exhausting all together.  We discovered our status of baby-brewing the week before Father's day and if I had any kind of patience, I would have waited to tell my husband his new daddy status on his special day.  But alas, I am no kind of girl that can wait for any surprises and like the time before, I woke my husband up with a p-test in his face saying, "honey, look."  I'm really awesome, clearly.

He was first nervous (as an only child not having any idea how to instruct his son to be a 'good' big brother) and then super excited imagining wild tackling parties with two kids and a dog.  I started out super excited while slowly slipping into disbelief as I started to remember pregnancy...or at least how I do pregnancy.  So far, my body translates pregnancy into:
extreme fatigue
waves of nauseousness at strange times (like walking down the stairs)
and psychotic cravings for salt and sweets

I can't complain too much though because outside of my doctor telling me that my "uterus seems too big" and sending anyone who knew I was preg into a twin prediction frenzy (there is only ONE.  i just have a big uterus, people!) , I haven't had too many complaints.  By far, the exhaustion has outweighed any other symptom and I'll take laying down to sleep at 7:30p over running to the bathroom fourteen times a day (ahem, Greyson-fetus).

So hooray for more breeding from our big personality, curly headed, wild animal child genes.

When are you due?  Feb. 15 Valentines baby? Which puts our baby into Pisces territory for a zodiac sign - which is totally cool by me:)

Does Greyson know he's going to be a big brother?  no.  we try to get him to understand by pointing to my enlarged uterus belly and say "there's a baby in there" and he points to it and says "be-wee" (belly).  yea, doesnt' get it.

How did you tell the grandparents?  We stopped by to visit them while Grey wore a homemade (iron-on letters) onesie that said "Big Bro."  Both grandmas had a cow and screamed happily.  Both grandpaps made a face at Brandon like, "really?  so soon?  more?" and then played with Greyson.  Grandpap's don't get it till the baby is here.

Holy cow, two babies under two...are you insane or was that an accident?  We were thinking of having another baby relatively soon, but our little bean decided to start growing a little earlier than we planned.  Was that an answer - not quite, but that's what you're getting.

What do you want, a girl or a boy?  I can see the benefits to either gender.  Another boy would be super convenient and fun for Grey.  Sharing clothes, friends, toys...playing on the same sports teams.  But a girl means accessories and someone to spend girl-time with Mom and that sounds awesome..especially when Greyson is throwing dirt in my hair or throwing bath toys into the toilet.

haha - do you know there is saying 'New House; New Baby'?  yes.  we apparently like being a cliche.

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